Mathematics Lab

Mathematics curricula aims for holistic development of learners, equipping them with 21st century skills, reduction in curricular content to enhance essential learning and critical thinking.

The Maths lab at IISS serves as a bridge between maths as a challenge and maths as a solution. The physical activity based learning makes students independent and proficient. They develop problem solving skills independently and become natural lifelong learners. The lab organizes extracurricular workshops, competitions and mental maths sessions.




IISS is recognized by the State Government.


Affiliate :

Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi
upto senior secondary level (i.e. from grade I to XII)


Contact Us :

ISI-11, Adjoining Mahatma Gandhi Hospital, Sitapura Institutional Area, Jaipur 302022, (Raj.) India | Phone:- +91-141-2771067-68, Mobile: +91-9166274444

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Principal - 9166274444
Admin Officer - 8875021396

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