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Strategic Plan


To be globally responsive and socially conscious, committed to innovation and creativity by developing and disseminating knowledge and practice for learning and resource use optimization and to emerge as an organization with an optimal blend of value based growth and future preparedness, leading to prosperity of the society and nation at large.

We stand committed with a spirit of enterprise, will to succeed, zeal to grow and objective-achievement orientation through value based education for community at large by creating an environment of intellectual stimulus, scientific orientation and social responsibility.

>> To impart education that enables the students to acquire the desired skills and abilities necessary to answer the challenges of the modern world and the process of globalization, due to technological advancements.
>> To inculcate the spirit of enquiry, self-expression and independent judgment amongst the students and staff.
>> To enhance the ability to utilize the full potential of Intellectual Capital and learning resources through quality research, consultancy, scholarship and creative performance.
>> To cherish the Indian value system with focus on the Indian culture, traditions and heritage, imbibing the best of the West at the same time.
>> To understand and appreciate human differences in culture, gender and race, and finally to cultivate aesthetic sensibility and moral values in society at large, leading to the strengthening of the spirit of application of knowledge towards National growth

>> A Systematic process of curriculum delivery is in place.
>> Thrust on innovation, research and employability.
>> Industry relevant Value-Added Courses to supplement the academic curriculum.
>> Approved Research Centre for Ph.D. in Management & Computer Applications by Rajasthan Technical University, Kota.
>> Collaboration with national and international institutions and organizations for academic exchange in the areas of teaching, learning and research.
>> Well qualified, dedicated and committed faculty with a wide range of expertise.
>> Conducive working environment for faculty and staff leading to faculty and staff retention.
>> Most of the faculty members are Ph.D. holders and approved Research Supervisors.
>> Faculty members are actively engaged in authoring books and quality publications and are also resource person for workshops, seminars FDPs and refresher courses.
>> Extensive use of Case analysis in teaching.
>> Students actively engaged in Live Projects/Internships with organizations of repute. .
>> Plethora of activities organized under various student clubs including Genesis-The Marketing Club, White Knight-The Finance Club and Humanagers-The HR Club , #Include-The club of Programming , Webspcape-The club of website development.
>> An Active and widespread Alumni Network.
>> Effective guidance on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial avenues in local environment.


>> Lack of flexibility in admission of students, as admissions are governed by state government norms.
>> Lack of flexibility in curriculum designing.

>> Exposure to recent technological advances through Webinars and networking platforms.
>> Capitalizing on online opportunities through online courses.
>> Strategic alliances and partnerships with institutions / organizations of national and international repute.
>> More students from rural areas are opting for Higher Education.
>> Enhanced scope for entrepreneurship development.
>> Opportunities of collaborative research with research institutions.
>> Locational disadvantage for strengthening academia-industry linkages.
>> Mushrooming growth of technical institutions.
>> Migration of students to universities / institutions in metros and abroad.

Focus Areas
A) Academic Excellence
Since the day foundation of Institution was laid, institute has been focusing on developing an ecosystem of excellence in education on its campus. The Institute is known for being a center of co-creator and point of knowledge sharing. It gives everyone a platform to learn , grow and expand beyond the horizons of comfort zone and put skill set to contribute in upliftment of self and society.
Using Interactive and engaging ways of teaching, motivating and building strong relation with students, taking corrective measures on the basis of feedback periodically from the stakeholders of the institute. Institute has developed an ecosystem of quality education.
Plan of accomplishing excellence in academics comprise of following criteria
1. Technology in teaching-learning
The institute emphasizes on use of evolving and latest means of digital technology into teaching for increasing student engagement and learning. This is being facilitated by providing autonomy to faculty members and students to design and develop teaching learning experience based on demands of changing technology-based world.
The Institute will continue to adopt technology enabled pedagogy at all levels and encourage blended teaching methodology involving traditional, interactive, and ICT enabled pedagogical techniques to enhance the teaching-learning process.
2. Academic advancement
The Institute focuses on accomplishing academic excellence by incorporating guest lectures, workshops, trainings, case analysis and simulation exercise into the overall experience of teaching for the students.
Freedom and flexibility support to faculty members is given in experimenting and innovating the knowledge imparting process.
Individuals with strong research and teaching acumen are invited for events/co-curricular activities organized on campus.
1. Foster an environment for Innovation based on Research :
>> The Institute inspires students to undertake interdisciplinary research.
>> The Institute encourages students to participate in national and international. Conferences and present papers under mentorship of faculty members of the Institute.
>> Institute has established an Innovation Cell to provide a platform for students to convert their innovative ideas into an entrepreneurial opportunity and transform into successful ventures.
>> Institute has enhanced a library enabled with various digital resources for students and faculty members to use for the purpose of research.
>> The institute has an open eco system for encouraging promoting training, research and innovation in the curriculum through mentoring, technical and financial support.
>> The Institute has been recognized as Research Centre by Rajasthan Technical University, Kota.
>> The faculty members of the Institute are research supervisors and are contributing to the world of research by guiding their scholars with their PhD and research articles.

2. Enhancing Infrastructure and Resources for facilitating state of the art Researches:
>> The Institute has plans to continuously improve physical facilities, equipment, knowledge and technology based resources.
>> Need based infrastructure advancement identified on the basis of research proposals and innovation projects will be added and modified in the existing facilities available the Institute.
>> More books, journals and periodicals will be added in physical and digital library of the Institute.

3. To promote research tie-ups with industry, agencies, government bodies and NGOs for research, projects, internships and innovative programs :
In order to bring in exposure to new dimension of research, the institute will promote collaborative form of researches with Institutes of repute.
4. Enhancing the research profile of the Institute, Faculty and Students:
>> Institute has an inhouse interdisciplinary peer reviewed Journal to its credit "Oorja." It has played a significant role in the direction of promoting research publications.
>> Original and plagiarism free work of research will always be a priority of the institute.
>> With a research friendly culture, the institute encourages its faculty members to undertake research projects, publish in UGC care listed journals or those indexed in SCOPUS/Google Scholar/Web of Science or Indian Citation Index) with high impact factor.

1. To make conscious efforts for revenue resources of the Institute
Regular and strategic investments will be made in order to enhance the overall learning experience at campus and promote smooth and effective operating environment in the Institute. Focus area of Investing will involve creating effective and secure communication between the students and the faculty.
The institute will continue to provide state of the art physical and digital & IT based resources to encourage research bent in students and enhance their overall learning experience at the Institute.
2. To continue to invest in expansion of Library and Technology Resources:
Technology has key role to play in today's day and age of learning. The institute will work in the direction of providing required technology resources to its faculty members and students so that they evolve as members of the society with an ease to adapt to the technological advancements in the world. The institute will continue to use latest library management softwares in order to provide smooth working environment in Library.
The Institute plans to incorporate many electronic data bases and platforms to facilitate open and extensive reading and learning experience for its students. This will provide easy and user-friendly experience to the researchers and budding entrepreneurs.
3. ICT enabled services
>> The institute will ensure to provide modern class rooms , high speed internet , LAN facility, software upgradations in computer labs and class rooms of the Institute.
>> Emphasis will be on developing technology facilities to deliver virtual teaching from the Institute.
>> Continuous Website upgradation and updating will be done in order to facilitate information sharing with the stakeholders of the Institute.
4 Developing Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Campus
The institute will continue to work in the direction to develop an approach of resource conservation and making the campus more sustainable in terms of its operations.
Steps in the direction of energy conservation and use of alternative and sustainable means of energy generation will be used at the campus. An eco - system to promote the idea of recycle and reduce wastage will be developed at the institute in order encourage students to become more responsible and aware members of the society.

Stakeholders of the Institute includes, students, parents, internal and external faculty, community, management bodies, other institutions, accreditation agencies, funding agencies, alumni, NGOs, industry. In order to achieve academic excellence at institute emphasis is on taking feedback from its stakeholders whenever needed. On the basis of need, experience and expectations, overall teaching, learning and evaluation process is designed.
Based on their needs, expectations, experiences, insights and suggestions, the teaching-learning, evaluation practices, operations and management initiatives are fine tuned. This feedback is also used for setting priorities and allocating resources. Some efforts which have been made in this direction and will be pursued are as follows.
1. Students

>> Use of online platforms for teaching
The Institute is planning to incorporate different learning platforms (MOOC courses) available online, like COURSERA and SWAYAM or those developed by the Institute faculty, in its curriculum.
>> Integration of digitalization
Integration of digitalization in the teaching learning process by providing smart classrooms, wi-fi enabled campus, subscription of national and international online courses, E-journals, development of E-content to make the teaching-learning process effective.
>> Establishment of E-Igniters Incubation Centre
The E igniters incubation Centre (TEIIC) of the institute was established with an objective of nurturing and encouraging entrepreneurial ability among the students. TEIIC aims to provide a platform for motivating, encouraging and mentoring the students and alumni of the Institution towards the journey of becoming self-employed.
TEIIC aims to provide active support of various services and facilities including workspace, communication, networking and continuous physical support in terms of electricity, water supply, IT Labs in addition to the Training and Mentoring Programme for budding entrepreneurs.

The vision of TEIIC is to establish an ecosystem made of all key support elements required by
entrepreneurs to start and grow business based on ideas having sustainability innovation and
social relevance.
>> To provide the students with the required mentorship support required at various phases
>> in establishing a venture.
>> To establish a strong network between the academia, various industries, financial
>> institutions and other institutions in the network.
>> To provide other key support services comprising intellectual property support, technical
>> and legal support.
>> To promote and support start-ups which are capable of addressing key issues and problems of society.
>> To promote entrepreneurship and innovation, the institute has also collaborated with ATAL incubation center of two universities of repute.
Bosch India Foundation, under Prime Minister's Kaushal Vikas Yojana had identified ISIM in the state for its 'Employable Vocational Education and Skill Development' program in higher education, CSR- Industry-Academia Collaborative initiative.
TEIIC in its endeavor to mentor different start-ups and budding entrepreneurs towards successful business ventures introduces experts from different industry domains with those who need advisory support to scale up.
>> Digitalization
The Institute plans to develop its own Learning Management System to track student progress, manage content, identify training and learning gaps, utilize analytical data, facilitate reporting, manage classrooms, etc.
2. Staff members/Faculty
>> Motivation for Research
In the coming years, the Institute will encourage faculty and students to undertake research and related activities, such as undertaking of research projects, publication of research papers in reputed journals, participation and presentation of the research papers in seminars/workshops/conferences. The tenure and funding amount for research projects taken up by faculty will be increased and possibilities of getting funding from other sources for research will be explored.
Quality of research will however receive priority over quantity of research under all circumstances.
Greater coordination between researchers and policymakers will be ensured through advocacy efforts for getting research findings incorporated in the policies.
Besides, more faculty development programmes will also be organized and collaborative research will be encouraged.
>> Trainings/Faculty Development Programs
Proactive efforts will be made to upgrade the knowledge and skills of the faculty and contribute in their personal and professional development, and build educational leadership. Opportunities will be provided to acquaint them with the best practices in the country and abroad.
>> Use of ICT in the Teaching-Learning system
The Institute encourages the faculty to create a flexible and open learning environment with interactive, experimental and multimedia based delivery system. Learner autonomy and independence is promoted. Teachers and learners will continue to communicate and collaborate. Learning resources such as LCD projectors, models, modules, ready to use lab tools (online and offline), interactive language laboratory, computing laboratory, etc. will be used in the process.
3. CSR and community engagement
To make a positive contribution towards local communities the Institute plans to generate funds for taking up welfare activities for the marginalized, deprived and backward sections of the society. Faculty members, students and their parents, alumnae will be encouraged to serve the society in any form.
Literacy camps, health awareness camps, social awareness camps, environmental awareness camps, human rights awareness camps will be organized in the adopted villages with assistance from local NGOs and Government departments. It is hoped that this will also contribute in building a competitive advantage and a positive reputation for the institution.
4. Industry-Academia Interface
In the wake of quantum jump in technologies with global connectivity, the institutions have responsibility to provide not only the required skills and knowledge to their students, but also practical industrial experience. The Institute under the aegis of Training and Placement Cell plans to find out the gap between the needs of the industry and the end product of the institute.
This cell will assist departments in organizing workshops, conferences and symposia with joint participation of the industries and faculties of the institute, enhance participation of industry experts in curriculum development, taking up projects jointly, coordinating/identifying industrial partners, setting up 'Centre for Excellence' and inviting Visiting faculty from industries.
The Cell will also encourage faculty members to use their expertise in solving the problems faced by the industries, thus creating opportunities for consultancy, industrial testing by faculty members or technicians, in-plant trainings for the students, identifying the areas for Executive Development Programmes in recent technological advances.
5. International Tie ups and Collaboration
Factors such as interconnectedness of the world today, mobility of students, scholars, diversity in programs, need for building reputation and branding, emergence of the digital technologies, requirements of a global knowledge economy, etc. have made it crucial for Institute to embrace and integrate a global dimension into their purpose, functions and delivery of education.
6. Strengthening Relationships with Alumni
The Institute understands that alumni can serve many important roles, such as building and growing its brand name through word-of-mouth, through social media, and other modes.
IIIM Alumni Association- Dharohar - has been functional since the time of its inception and aims to encourage the alumnae of the Institute to take an abiding interest in the progress and development of their alma mater and reconnect with it from time to time.
Some of the alumni are in regular contact with the Director, Principal and the Placement officer and senior faculty members and have shared their success stories and the ways in which they can contribute towards the Institute growth and expansion. Communication links with others are also maintained in the following ways
>> The alumnae interact with current students through guest lectures/panel discussions/ seminars to guide them on various professional avenues available.
>> They visit the campus to support the existing batch of students in planning and organizing events, extending support and participating in cultural, as well as academic events that take place on campus.
>> Some of them donate books to the central library of the Institute.
>> They share their work experiences and mentor the students of the Institute towards higher education and/or career avenues in various fields.
>> Alumnae who are working in various organizations, keep the faculty members and the Placement Cell of the Institute abreast with the job-opportunities available for current students.
>> Those who are entrepreneurs provide inputs to the existing students on how to start a new venture and encourage and guide them on self-employment, to establish themselves as entrepreneurs.
>> They also serve the Institute on being appointed as members, special invitees of the Boards of Studies, the IQAC, and other Committees, and play a vital role in enhancing the curricula and for the betterment of infrastructure, by offering feedback which is used by the Institute/Department for continual improvement.
>> Respective Heads of Departments seek the opinion / suggestions of the alumnae on various developmental activities, as also the curricular aspects, pertaining to their departments by staying in constant touch with them.
>> The Institute invites them as chief guests/speakers/judges in its functions and events thereby creating a platform for dialogue/discussion between the current students and the alumnae.
>> "Cambuzz" published bi-annually wherein the alumni contribute articles of general interest, their success-stories and personal achievements


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