STAR Initiative

The development of the students is imbibed in the vision of the institute, thereby leading to perpetual efforts to enhance their proficiencies and personality. One such focused effort is the STAR Initiative which aims to improve the Soft Skills, Technical skills, Awareness of self and Readiness of students. The project was ranked amongst the Top 5 Projects from 100 projects across the country under the AICTE-UKERI Initiative in 2017.
The objectives of STAR Project include:
To assess the students on various parameters of STAR.
To grade the students based on their STAR scores.
To design and execute suitable Interventions for developing the STAR in  students.
To measure the impact of STAR project post interventions on the students.

The following Skill Mapping Tests as well as standard scales were used to evaluate the skill sets of the candidates:
Information Technology Test
Managerial Competency Test
Performance & Mathematical Ability Test
Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale

The above-mentioned tests were augmented by group discussions and personal
Interviews Variables and Tests/Methods Administered

'S' (Soft Skills)

(a) Personal Interview
- Personal interviews were held by a panel of five experts spread over a period of 8 days. The candidates were assessed on their grooming, confidence, emotional stability, career vision and communication skills (voice, language, presentation skills answering skills & body language).

'T' (Technical Skills)

(a) IT Quiz (MBA) - The Information Technology Quiz was designed to assess the students on their knowledge on MS Word, MS Excel and MS Power Point.

(b) Performance & Mathematical Ability Test - The PMA Test assessed the aptitude of the students on their verbal ability, logical reasoning, data interpretation, quantitative aptitude and general awareness.
(c) Managerial Competency Test (MCA) - The Managerial Competency Test was administered to assess the students on their knowledge on team work, motivation, inter- personal skills, leadership skills, business etiquettes, corporate knowledge and IT related general awareness.

'A' (Awareness Self)
(a) Mental Well-being Scale- The Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale (WEMWBS) was used to assess the feelings, Clarity of thoughts, Level of happiness, Awareness of self, Emotional stability, Confidence, Decisiveness, Inter-personal relations, Ability to face problems and optimism of the students.

(b) Strength/Weakness Analysis - A session was conducted to orient the students on the significance of introspection followed by an exercise on preparing the plot of their strengths and weaknesses.
'R' (a) Group Discussion (MBA)

(Readiness) - Group Discussion exercise was conducted to assess the students on their readiness by evaluating them on Leadership, Group behaviour. Initiative, Body Language (posture & Eye Contact), Creativity and originally of ideas and Content (Subject knowledge).


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