Research Facilitation Measures

Institutional Measures to Facilitate Research


The measures taken by the institution to facilitate smooth progress and implementation of research schemes/ projects include:


Autonomy to the principal investigator



The Principal investigator is given autonomy to carry out their research work independently. Head of the Institution supervises the progress of research through the MRC Cell.

Timely availability or  release of resources




Based on the need requested by the principal investigator and recommendations made by the MRC Cell, principal decides the timely dispersal of resources. The financial details of projects is monitored by the faculty under the guidance of Principal.

Adequate infrastructure and human resources


The Principal Investigator is free to use the available infrastructure and human resources in the institute.

Time -off, reduced teaching load, special leave etc. to teachers

Research work is carried during semester breaks and non-teaching hours.

Support in terms of technology and information needs

The Library facility and Internet facility is provided to the investigators for their research needs.

Facilitate timely auditing and submission of utilization certificate to the funding authorities


 The institute ensures that there is timely audit and submission of the Utilization certificates. The annual auditing of income and expenditure of research activities is done by the authorized chartered accountants.


The institute provides numerous facilitation support to ensure smooth progress and implementation of research schemes/projects. Some of the measures are as follows:

Library Resources:

.         National and International Journals of repute.

.         Quality Reference Books.

.         Online resources such as DELNET, J-Gate, EBSCO etc.

.         Separate Research Section.

Computing Lab Facilities:

.         Latest version of statistical software such as SPSS, EPI info etc.

.         Facility for printing of draft/final book print-outs for proof reading.

.         Software for plagiarism detection.

Infrastructural Facilities:

.         Wi-Fi campus

.         Individual computer on desk

.         Air-conditioned faculty Rooms/Cabins

Reprographic facility



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