Research Culture Among Students

ISIM offers an enterprising teaching and learning environment and provides exposure to develop scientific temper and research orientation among students. The institute adopts the following participatory learning activities and practices:


.              The curriculum with higher emphasis on practical component and application based knowledge directly addresses the learning needs of the students and community.


.              Employing innovative pedagogies to arouse interest among students and motivating them for knowledge acquisition.


.              Involving students in designing, planning, organizing and participating in Co-curricular Activities, Mosaic (Annual Inter Institute Management Fest), Montage (Annual Inter Institute IT Fest), B-Quizzing (Annual Business Quiz for B-School & Corporates), Roopantar (Annual Inter-Institute Business Plan Competition), Alumni Meet (Dharohar), Freshers' party (Abhinandan), etc.


.              Practical Exposure to students through involvement with faculty in consultancy and research projects conducted under the aegis of MDP, Research and Consultancy (MRC) cell.


.              Learning Beyond Curriculum is facilitated by participating in conferences, seminars, workshops, inter-institute activities, excursions, industrial visits, industrial tours, etc.


.              The institution also organizes various programs to augment the curricular contents to create an overall environment conducive to learning. Following activities are regularly organized:-

>> Orientation week every year at the beginning of new session to expose students to corporate culture, technical know-how, behavioural sciences, leadership role, decision making, planning etc.

>>  Organizing International Conference every year on latest Management and IT trends.

>> Conducting visits to industries and neighborhood communities to expose students with real world situations.

>> The institute has its annual refereed International Journal of Management & IT, 'OORJA' which is made available to the students and they are motivated to contribute Quality research papers and articles for the same.

>> There are various committees comprising students and faculty members. These committees facilitate academic activities organized throughout the year.


.               Conduction of Entrepreneurial activities on campus through E-igniters provides a platform for the new and future entrepreneurs both, students and faculty to create, grow and sustain entrepreneurial communities both within and outside the institute.


.               Regular Personality Grooming Sessions with focus on communication skills, soft skills, mock interviews, etc. are held. Special technical sessions as per market requirements, on-line tests etc. are also regularly conducted.


.               Emphasis on scientific approach in case analysis, system analysis, business plan presentations and project presentations.


.               Apart from regular professional courses, the institute offers Value-Added courses. These programs are essentially technical and skill-oriented, meant to meet the requirements of various professional fields.


.               Need based and Core Research is promoted for effective contribution of the institute in conceptual analysis and strategic planning. Faculty provides guidance to students for various projects, dissertations, seminars, research papers, field work etc.


.               The Institute hosts a gallery of club activities under 'Genesis' - The Marketing Club, 'White Knight' - The Finance Club, 'Humanagers' - The  HR club, '# Include' - The software development club and 'Webscape' -The website designing club which facilitate identifying the hidden talents and providing a platform needed for the exposition of talent. The activities hosted are pertinent and vibrant as they bring students from all streams to work, celebrate and learn the art of building good team spirit.


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