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Ph.Ds registered per eligible teacher during the year      
Name  of full time teacher with Ph.D./D.M/M.Ch./D.N.B Superspeciality/D.Sc./DLit.  Qualification (Ph.D./D.M/M.Ch./D.N.B Superspeciality/D.Sc./DLit. ) and Year of obtaining  Whether recognised as research Guide for Ph.D./D.M/M.Ch./D.N.B Superspeciality/D.Sc./DLit.  Year of Recognition as Research Guide Is the teacher still serving the institution/If not last year of the service of Faculty to the Institution Name of the scholar Year of registration of the scholar Title of the thesis for scholar
Dr. Manju Nair Ph.D (2005) Yes 2010   Ms. Swati Jha 2012 The Impact of Employess Welfare Programs on Employee Engangement in IT Sector of Rajasthan (AWARDED)
Ms. Sakshi Sharma 2013 Leadership Styles and Employee Performance : A Comparative Study of Public And Private Sector in Banks in  Rajasthan (AWARDED)
Ms. Priyanka Khandelwal 2013 Organization Citizenship Behavoiur and Organizational Effectiveness : A Comparative Study of State and Private Universties in Rajasthan
Ms. Aditi Kaushik 2014 Work Life Balance and Organizational Effectiveness with Special Reference to Female Academicians in Private Universities in Rajasthan
Ms.Bhawana Sharma 2013 Stress Management among Working Women with Specific Reference to Higher Education Sector in Rajasthan (AWARDED)
Mr.V.P Mathur 2011 Industrial Relations in Tyre Industry : Post Liberalization In India (AWARDED)
Ms.Poornima Mathur   Strategic Human Resources Practices Source of Sustainable Competetive Advantage in Hospital Industry (AWARDED)
Ms.Priyanka Bakshi 2012 Determinants Affecting Motivation Level of Government Medical Practitioners: A Study of Rural Rajasthan (AWARDED)
Ms.Gincy Varghese 2014 Organizational Culture and Job Satisfaction in Higher Education : A Comparative Study of State and Private University (AWARDED)
Ms.Manu Smriti 2011 Employee attrition and Retention Strategies in IT and Sector of Gurgaon
Ms. Meenali Sharma 2019 Course Work Completed Approval Awaited
Ms.Anshul Goyal 2018 Status and challenges of Women Entrepreneurs in Rajasthan
Ms.Lavina Kalani 2019 Impact of Training and Development Interventions on Employee Turnover Intentions in Hotel Industry in Rajasthan
Ms.Tripti Chamoli 2021 Impact of Performance Management on Motivation of Employees in Public & Private Healthcare Sectors in Rajasthan
Dr. Kavaldeep Dixit Ph.D (2003) Yes 2010 Yes Mr. Abhishek Dadhich  2012 A Comparative Analysis of Marketing Strategies of over the counter (OTC) brands of Pharmaceutical Companies with Reference to Rajasthan (AWARDED)
Ms. Shweta Mishra 2013 Interactive Marketing Strategies of Mid Size Banks - A Comparative Study of Yes Bank And IndusInd Bank (AWARDED)
Mr. Sunil Agarwal 2014 Online Marketing in Rural Rajasthan - With Special Reference to Shekhawati Region
Ms. Deepti Singh 2017 Patient Satisfaction and Perceived Service Quality Dimensions of Government Multi-Speciality Hospitals in Rajasthan: An Empirical Assessment (AWARDED)
Mr. Rajat Mendiratta 2018 Course Work Completed Approval Awaited
Ms. Geeti Sharma 2013 Impact of Financial Literacy on Investment Products and Decisions od Retail Investors (AWARDED)
Mr.Davis Lazrus 2012 A Study on Consumers and Employees in selected Cities in India for Value Co- Creation in Products and Services Marketing (AWARDED) 
Ms.Priyanka Sharma 2011 Marketing of Consumer Durables in Rural India with Special Reference to Eastern Rajasthan (AWARDED)
Ms.Neha Porwal 2011 Marketing Strategies of Telecom Industry : A Comparative Analysis of Bharti Airtel and IDEA Cellular with Special Referenceto Eastern Rajasthan (AWARDED)
Mr.Vaibhav Sharma 2011 A Study on Building Relationships with Doctors for Effective Marketing in Pharma Industry through CRM ( A Case Study of Selected Companies in Eastern Rajasthan)
Mr.Praveen Saiwal 2011 Effective Branding Strategies with reference to Selected Handicrafts Items (With Special Reference to Jaipur City)
Mr.Rajan Arora 2012 Building Strategic Competence through Customer Relationship Management ( CRM) : A Study of Market Challenges among Public & Private Sector Banks)
Ms.Rani Sharma 2019 Role of Social Media Marketing by Hotels in Promoting Tourism in Rajasthan
Ms.Mitisha Rathore 2019 A Study of Entrepreneurial attributes and Leadership traits of Social Entrepreneurs in Rajasthan
Ms.Gatha Khandelwal 2021 Analyzing Customer Attitude and Behavioral Intentions towards acceptance of Mobile Banking with Reference to Banks in India
Mr.Rahul Shandilya 2013 Analyitcal Study of Marketing Strategies of Indian Private Universities
Sumedha Shandilya         Mr.Dhiraj Chouhan 2013 Quality of Work Life in Engineering Industries in Rajasthan with Reference to Heavy Machine and Equipment Manufacturing Units (AWARDED)
Ms.Amrita Mathur 2013 Employee Engagement Practices and Effect on Employee Motivation in Telecom Industry 
Dr. Tripti Bisawa Ph.D Yes 2013 No (Last working day in Institution: 10/20/2021) Ms. Shraddha Sahay 2017 Course work Cleared Approval Awaited
Ms.Manisha Darwani 2014 A Study on Women Entrepreneurship in Rajasthan: Problems And Prospects 
Ms.Lavina Lalwani 2015 A Study on Competence of Students of Professional Institutes for Employee ability : with special reference to Rajasthan
Ms.Ruby Singh 2015 Impact of Public Relations on Student Enrollment in Indian Higher Education : A Comparative Study of Select private Universities (AWARDED)
Ms.Alita Beniwal 2016 Quality of Work Life in Dual Career Couples: A Case Study in Academics with Special Reference to Rajasthan (AWARDED)
Ms.Divya Shekhawat  2016 An Impact of Emotional Intelligence on A Academic Performance : A Comparative analysis of Medical And Non Medical Students (AWARDED)
Ms.Deepti Mathur 2016 Impact of Vocational Training Schemes on Employability of Youth : An Emprirical Analysis 
Dr. Bhumija Chouhan Ph.D (2011) Yes 2012 Yes Mr. Vipul Bhardwaj 2012 A Study of Consumer Satisfaction with respect to DTH Services Providers in Rajasthan (AWARDED)
Ms. Prachi Goyal 2012  A Critical Study of Online Shopping Behavior of Urban Youth ( A Case Study of Selected Cities) (AWARDED)
Ms.Shashi Shekhawat (Co-supervised)   Online and Offline Consumer Buying Behaviour: A Comparative Study with Reference to Tourism Industry in Rajasthan (AWARDED)
Ms.Prabhati Rathore 2013 Impact of Employer Branding on Employees Satisfaction ( with Specific Refrence to Private Telecom Sector in Rajasthan)
Ms.Shubha Shree Sharma 2013 Job Satisfaction among the Employees of Insurance Sector : A Study of Selected Private Insurance Companies in Rajasthan (AWARDED)
Ms. Shipra Sharma 2014 Role of Digital Marketing in Women's Buying Behavior (A Study of Non-Durable goods in selected cities of Rajasthan)
Ms. Rishika Sharma 2016 Effectiveness of Green Marketing on  Customers Attitude in FMCG Sector with Special reference to Rajasthan
Dr. Kavya Saini Ph.D (2014) Yes 2014 Yes Ms. Anadi Trikha 2017 Course Work Completed Approval Awaited
Ms. Shikha Ranka 2019 Course Work Completed Approval Awaited
Ms.Nidhi Purohit 2015 Marketing Strategies of Selected Cement Companies of Rajasthan : A Comparative Analysis (AWARDED)
Mr.Dhiraj Chouhan   Quality of Work Life in Engineering Industries in Rajasthan with Reference to Heavy Machine and Equipment Manufacturing Units           (AWARDED)
Ms.Mahi Mishra 2016 Marketing Communication Strategies in Jewellery Sector - An Empirical Analysis (With Special reference to Jaipur City)
Ms.Neti Goswami 2017 A Comparative Study of Marketing Strategies adopted by selected industries with special reference to Personal hygiene
Ms.Shuchi Mathur 2019 Marketing of Organic Agriculture Products in the State of Rajasthan: Prospects and Challenges
Dr. Bharti Sharma Ph.D (2006) Yes 2010 Yes Ms. Nimisha Singhal 2015 Exploring the Correlation between OCB Dimensions and the factors leading to productivity with special reference to E- Commerce Sector
Ms. Abhilasha Singh 2017 Role of SHRM in Sustainable Growth of Start - ups
Ms.Divya Mehta 2014 Consumer Perception and Satisfaction towards Mobile Number Portability in Rural Rajasthan
Ms.Nupur Choudhary   Role of Motivation in Talent Retention and Increasing Productivity (AWARDED)
Ms.Meenakshi Bordla 201 Measuring the Effectiveness of In-Service Teacher Training Program ( A comparative Study of Government and private primary school teachers) (AWARDED)
Ms.Geetanjali Shekhawat 2015 The Impact of Compensation on Employee's Job Performance: With Specific reference to the Heritage Hostels in Rajasthan (AWARDED)
Ms.Shubhangi Sharma 2021 A Study of Role of CBO's in Mitigating and Managing Water related Issues in Rural Rajasthan
Ms.Aarti Katiyar 2016 The Effect of Flexible Work Enviornment of Optimal Workforce Utilization : An Empirical Study ( With Special reference to BPO Sector in Rajasthan)
          Ms.Smita Bhageria 2018 A Study of Enviornment Friendly Practices with Reference to the Waste Management in MSMEs.
Ms.Shilpi Arora 2018 A Comparartive Analyisi of Work Values of Generation Y and Generation Z with Special Reference to IT And ITES in India
Ms.Honey Goyal 2018 Role of Career Development Programs in Employee Performance and Retention in the Voluntary Section : A Study of Selected NGO'S in Rajasthan (AWARDED)
Ms.Richa Sharma 2019 Job Satisfaction and Job Peformance : A Comparative Study of Selected Real Estate Companies
Dr. Gargi Sharma Ph.D. (2009)       Ms. Gunjan Jhajharia 2017 Course Work Cleared Approval Awaited
Ms.Pooja Sisodiya 2016 Impact of Females in Buying Decision for Consumer Goods : An Empirical Analysis (AWARDED)
Mrs.Apoorva Akar 2016 A Comparatrive Analysis of Talent Management Strategies for Employees' Sustainabilty in Selected Public and Private Banks (AWARDED)
Ms.Himani Sharma 2018 Impact of  Corporate Social Responsibility on Consumer Buying Behaviour (AWARDED)
Ms.Grusha Kanjani 2018 A Study of Socio - Economic Changes in BPL Families with referece to Financial Inclusion Initiatives in Rajasthan
Dr. Divya Mehta Ph.D (2017)  Yes 2020 No (Last working day in Institution:  3/14/2022 Ms. Mahima Sharma 2017 Course Work Cleared Approval Awaited
Dr. Swati V Chande Ph.D (2011) Yes 2011 Yes Mr. Peeyush Pareek 2012 Automated Mobile Application Testing Using Grey Box Approach
Ms. Anjali Soni 2012 An Improved Join Query Optimization Method for Distributed Data Bases using MultiColony Ant Algorithm (AWARDED)
Ms. Sheetal Sharma 2015 Course Work Cleared Approval Awaited
Mr. Pankaj Sharma 2017 Applying Usability Engineering Principles to Improve User Experience of Conversational User Interface Applications
Ma.Preeti Tiwari 2012 A Hybrid  of Ant Colony Optimization for Join Queries in Distributed Databases (AWARDED)
Ms.Priyanka Mathur 2012 An Evidence Based Approach to Discovery and Assessment of Software Testing Strategies (AWARDED)
Ms.Ruchi Nanda (Co-Supervised)   Performance Enhancement Techniques of Cloud Database Queries (AWARDED)
Ms.Shweta Parnami (Co-Supervised)   Generation of Efficient Text Data and Test Cases for Software Testing : A Genetic Algorithm Approach (AWARDED)
Ms.Anubha Jain 2011 Enhancing Information Access and Retrieval Techniques for a Typical Information Architecture (AWARDED)
Ms.Harleen Kaur Flora 2012 Adopting an Agile Approach for the Development of Mobile Applications (AWARDED)
Mr.Rajneesh Chaturvedi (Co-Supervision) 2011 Evaluation and Refinement of Web Application Architecture Frame Work   
Ms.Sanju Gupta 2012 erformance Enhancement of Distributed Database Queries by Cacheinvestement 
Dr. Vijay Gupta (2015) Ph.D (2015) Yes 2017 Yes Mr. Anil Sharma 2017 An Analysis of Impact of Metadata in Web Applications using Performance Testing
Mr. Chattar Singh  2018 Novel Unstructured Data Search using Lexical Chains with Lucene Search
Ms. Anuja Sharma 2018 Course Work cleared         Approval Awaited
Ms. Poonam Awasthi 2019 Course Work cleared         Approval Awaited
Dr. Monika Rathore Ph.D (2016) Yes 2017 Yes Ms. Aditi Tulchhia 2017 An Improved Predictive Analysis of Brain Tumor and Overall Survival Prediction
Ms. Harshita Bhati  2018 A Novel Deep Learning Model for Efficient Detection & Diagnosis of plant Leaf Desease
Mr. Shashank Goswami 2018 Course work cleared            Approval Awaited
Ms. Pratiksha Kanwar 2018 Course work cleared            Approval Awaited
Ms. Shivani Sharma 2019 Course work cleared            Approval Awaited
Ms. Niketa Kumari 2020  
Dr. Preeti Tiwari Ph.D (2018) Yes 2019 Yes Ms. Nisha Jain 2019 Course work cleared            Approval Awaited
Mr. Navdeep Singh 2019 Course work cleared            Approval Awaited
Dr. Priyanka Mathur Ph.D (2018) Yes 2019 No (Last working day in Institution: 08/25/2021) Ms. Garima Nahar 2019 Course work cleared            Approval Awaited
Ms. Madhu Gaur 2019 Course work cleared            Approval Awaited
Dr.Amita Sharma Ph.D. (2010)   2012   Ms.Geetika Vyas 2013 A New Set of Object Oriented Metrices to Measure the Structural Complexity of Software Product Line Feature Model (AWARDED)
Ms.Astha Pareek   Design and Development of Efficient Data Mining  Techniques for Application in Elementary Educational Sysytem with Special Reference to out of School Children (AWARDED)
Ms.Devika Chachhiya   Application of Neural Network for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (AWARDED)
Ms.Shweta Singh 2012 Improvement in Data Security Algorithm for Cloud Computing  (AWARDED)
Ms.Deepshikha Sharma 2014 Design of New Neuro-Cryptography Algorithm for Better and Secured Key Exchange Process (AWARDED)
Ms. Meenal Suryavanshi 2020 Course Work Cleared Approval Awaited
Mr.Rajneesh Chaturvedi  2011 Evaluation and Refinement of Web Application Architecture Frame Work   
Anushri Vijay 2022 Design & Implementation of Machine Learning based Protein Function Prediction Model to Study Hypothetical Protein
Ms.Harshita Bhargava  2019 Design & Implementation of a Recommendation Model to Study Drug Target Interactions
          Ms.Parul Singh 2014 Socio-Economics and Cultural Impact of Rural Tourism in Shekhawati Region of Rajasthan (AWARDED)
Ms Ardra R. Nair 2016 Operational Efficiency of Banks in India: A Comparative Study of the Selected Private Sector Banks  (AWARDED)
Ms Blessy Roy 2016 Financial Literacy Among Working Women in Higher Education Sector of Rajasthan (AWARDED)
Ms Juhi Mukherjee 2019 An Empirical Evaluation of Metro Rail System with special reference to Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation (JMRC) (AWARDED)
Ms Jyoti Jain 2019 An Analysis of Financial and Environmental Performance of selected Cement Companies in India
Ms Palak Khandelwal 2020 Impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Application's Usage on the Customer Satisfaction : A Case Study of Life Insurance Corporation of India (with special reference to Rajasthan)
Ms Jyoti Rathore 2021 The Role of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Economic Upliftment of Rural Women in Rajasthan
Ms Sheenam Midha 2021 Behavioural Biases in the Investment Decisions of Investors in Rajasthan : A Comparative Study on the basis of Gender
Dr. Neha Tiwari Ph.D. (2017)   2020   Anushri Vijay 2022 Design & Implementation of Machine Learning based Protein Function Prediction Model to Study Hypothetical Protein
Dr. Deepshikha Bhatia Ph.D. (2018)   2017   Priyanshu Jadon 2019 A new approach for sentiment Analysis to Measure the Users' Opinion by using Machine Learning Techniques
Dr.Ruchi Nanda Ph.D. (2017)   2017   Suchita Sinhal 2018 Design and Implementation of a Predictive Data Mining Technique for Depression Prognosis
Vandana Vijay 2018 Developing an Efficient Query Processing Technique in Cloud Based MapReduce System
Dr.Priyanka Verma Ph.D. (2018)   2018   Ms. Monika Sharma 2020 Course Work Cleared Approval Awaited



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