Master of Business Administration (MBA - Trimester based - Dual Specialization Programme)

The programme focuses on grooming students into well-grounded managers and emphasizes on:

Analytical reasoning, team work and effective communication imparting a sense of value that encompasses not only work ethics, but also a   commitment and a passion for management as a science, especially in commercial organizations.

Developing the mental discipline to blend concept and ideas with strategic planning and action, creatively and innovatively.

Holistic understanding of various aspects of business interaction through course projects, internships, field assignments and on the job trainings.

Capability to manage diversity and uncertainty, create wealth and lead change.

The programme offers dual specialization in Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Information Technology & Systems, International Business and Production & Operation Management. The programme comprises 35 courses, which are of synergistic and integrative nature spread over Six Trimesters.