Workshop on the Art of Self-Healing and Meditation

On 1st October 2022, a workshop on "Art of Self-Healing and Meditation" was organized by ISIM with resource person Ms. Kavita Khandelwal, Founder of GOLDEN AURA.
The Workshop aims to enable all young minds to acquire and experience a simple set of life-long practices grounded in self-healing and meditation that will help them develop as balanced individuals.
Ms. Kavita briefed students on how simple breathing exercises and self-healing heal the issues about day-to-day aspects of a Youth's life -starting from discovering one's personality to dealing with uncertainty and developing a healthy lifestyle and heartful relationships.
It was followed by the guided practice of Super Brain Yoga, Pranic Breathing and Twin Heart Meditation by Ms. Kavita Khandelwal.
The Workshop rejuvenated all participants and enabled them to bounce back with vigour.







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