Workshop on Entrepreneurship Skill, Attitude and Behaviour Development

Workshop on ‘Entrepreneurship Skill, Attitude and Behaviour Development’ was organised on October 10, 2022. Dr. Surendra Bishnoi was the resource person.

He shared with the students that becoming an entrepreneur, it is an important career decision, and to plunge into this domain requires the right skill set, attitude, and behaviour.

He shared that having a positive and entrepreneurial attitude is essential to achieve success. Having a good positive attitude can help make a personal project come true. He also added that to be a good entrepreneur, one must believe in his/her business idea, which will be essential to overcome obstacles and be proactive.

He emphasized the relevance of proper research in the field of entrepreneurship. He told that for an entrepreneur collecting information through stakeholders is very important. He also elaborated how important planning is to the overall business growth, which also involves forming a work team and delegating its functions so that the entrepreneur knows what resources he needs and foresees the risks for decision-making.







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