Workshop on Content Writing

ISIM on October, 8th organized a workshop on ‘Content Writing’, the resource person was Ms. Preeti Sharma, Prod Ops Specialist, Quora.

She shared that marketers use content to guide their prospects through different stages of the buyer journey. They leverage different content formats for each stage of the journey, from brand awareness to purchase decisions. She further informed that as numerous businesses compete for the same audience's attention, they should design high-quality, customised content to break through the noise and connect with potential clients.

She added further that Implementing a content marketing strategy is one of the most acceptable ways to get recognised by the target audience. A good online presence and using high-quality content writing for businesses, aids in attracting new customers and increasing brand loyalty, she said.

While discussing about the various aspects of content writing, Ms. Sharma highlighted the significant role of ‘Instagram’ in securing business growth. She said that for business owners and managers it is imperative to know how to create content for Instagram.

She encouraged students to take up the task of content writing right now in their career journey so they hone this art timely.







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