My Story - Motivational Session by Successful Startup Founder-ITRA

On 05 August 2022, My Story: Motivational Session by Successful Startup Founder: ITRA, was organised by E-Igniters, ISIM's E-cell, TEIIC- The Incubation Cell, and the Institution's Innovation Council with Ms. Richa Lodhi Singhi, Founder of ITRA Foundation and her team.
Ms. Richa shared her career journey, her motivation for entrepreneurial ventures and her passion for nature. She also briefed the students about the challenges encountered in her journey as a chief designer with a leading Export house to being the founder of the ITRA foundation.
She also encouraged students to ponder how every moment we spend in nature is an opportunity to make amazing discoveries about our world.
In the end, Ms. Richa highlighted that the role of students in shaping natural habitats around their surroundings as entrepreneurs can play a vital role in the evolution of an environment aware society, and that they must create startups which work towards environmental care.





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