C2C Program

The C2C program is an initiative of the institution aimed at preparing the students to be corporate ready. The content of the program enables students to equip them with the right knowledge, skills and attitude, so that they are ready to face the challenges of corporate world. Institution collaborated with Yeshaswi Bhav, Training and Management Solutions for instilling the right ingredients for corporate excellence. The program assists students in developing their personalities for a successful transition to corporate life. This year the initiative was conducted in following three phases:

Third phase - C2C (2nd February- 4th February,2023)
On the first day of the third phase of C2C, Mr. Sandeep Menghani, Founder - Director at Yeshaswi Bhav Training & Management conducted a session on Experiential Learning. On day two, Dr. Vandana Sharma and Ms. Sonali Mishra, Corporate Trainers prepared students for ‘Group Discussion’. Mr. Deepak Kapoor, lead consultant, Diversity Ace, Business Consulting, conducted Personal Interviews of the students and provided them with deeper perspective. Students were trained on day three by Mr. Nikhil Mehta, NLP Master Practitioner, who helped students to analyse and assess individual passion along with professional expectations. There were self-assessment tests and activities designed to know the passion each individual possessed towards his/her career goals.

Second phase - (24th November - 26th November 2022)
The focal point of second phase was developing confidence in the students along with acquiring good communication skills. Ms. Nitisha Bhargava, Soft skills trainer helped students build confidence. On second day Ms. Setu Mathur, Soft skills trainer, helped students assess their communication skills and shared techniques with the students to gain confidence. Mr. Ankur Tharwan, Soft skill experts conducted session on day third and acquainted students with relevance of holding positive attitude in life.

First phase - (14th October - 16th October 2022)
On day one, Mr. Ankur Tharwan, Soft skill expert helped students explore their inner self through ‘Journey inwards’ module.
Ms. Pankhi Mathur, Body Language expert guided students on relevance of personal branding on day two.
Dr. Vandana Sharma oriented students with ‘Communication skills through theatrics on day third.







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