Workshop on Sustainability/ESG: Building Value & Reducing Risk

On 24 May 2022, a workshop on Sustainability/ESG: Building Value & Reducing Risk" was organised by E-Igniters, ISIM's E-cell, TEIIC- The Incubation Cell, and the Institution's Innovation Council with Ms. Sargam Saraf, Sr. Account Director, Flag Communication, Washington, USA.

Ms. Saraf emphasised that ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goes beyond good intentions and creates sustainable and responsible corporate practices. She emphasised that ESG is a trend that will soon drastically impact the corporate landscape.

She also shared that organisations globally are focusing on raising their sustainability quotient, especially after the pandemic and a raft of climate-related and governance incidents. Ms. Sargam informed the participants that ESG entails the development of a real, practical strategy that yields actual outcomes. She said that, success is not just determined by climate change, diversity, and transparency, it involves integrating these ideas and others, across organisations, from investment to sustainable innovation.
Ms. Saraf, in the end, said that It's about making a difference - for your business and our planet.




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