Students Entrepreneurship Conclave

On April 9th 2022, in collaboration with Startup Chaupal, 'Students Entrepreneurship Conclave'- was hosted by E-Igniters, the ISIM's E-cell, TEIIC- The Incubation Cell, and the Institution's Innovation Council.

The eminent speakers were Ms. Mugdha Sinha, Secretary, Dept. & Science & Tech, Government of Rajasthan, Mr. Sharad Bansal, Co-Founder, Tinkerly, Mr. Varul Behl, Managing Director-KCCO India Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Santosh Sharma, Founder, Bookmyjet & Foresee Aviation Pvt Ltd., Mr. Devesh Rakhecha, CoFounder, Marwari Catalysts Ventures and Mr. Sathvik Shetty, Co-founder, Vidyuth, EV Power.





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