Idea Generation competition

E-Igniters, ISIM's E-cell, TEIIC- The Incubation Cell, and the Institution's Innovation Council organized the Idea Generation competition on 11th March 2022.

The objective was to encourage students to take up innovation activities, inspire and nurture young students by supporting them to work with new ideas, transform them into prototypes, and focus on creative learning.

Fifteen teams presented their innovative ideas and thoughts in presentations to showcase their entrepreneurial skills. The team members had to present their innovative product ideas describing all about the product or service. The presentations covered all the aspects like total market, revenue model, scalability and value proposition, etc. In addition, unique concepts like sun swift solar tiles, traffic mapping for ambulance, smart toaster, cab safety for women etc. were discussed.


The winner and runner up teams of the idea generation competition were:

Ms. Mohini Khatri


Mr. Dushyant Sharma

Ms. Drashti Vijayvargiya

Ms. Raveena Chouhan

Runner Up

Ms. Shruti Barla

Ms. Shikha Mathur


The event provided an opportunity for the budding entrepreneurs to develop business ideas that could bring a substantial change in the existing market and address some of the issues of societal relevance.




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