ISIM's E-cell and IIC cell hosted an E-Talk on February 16, 2022, with Mr. Naveen Gochar, Founder, Kota Doriya -World, as the resource person.

Mr. Naveen discussed the mission of his firm, the reasons for his decision to pursue entrepreneurship rather than traditional employment, and the abilities necessary for someone embarking on a similar path. He utilised real-world examples to reinforce his views based on his experience at Kota Doriya -World. He underlined the importance of the skill of an entrepreneur to figure things out at the proper time and create an environment free of impediments.

Mr. Naveen also shared that ideas may arise from simple things without cutting-edge technology and that success can come from such straightforward thoughts with a twist.

Mr. Gochar answered the participants' queries and was courteous in sharing some practical ideas for starting a start-up enterprise.




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