Bazaar on Campus

E-Igniters the ISIM's E-cell, TEIIC- The Incubation Cell, and the Institution's Innovation Council organised “Bazaar on Campus” on 16th March, 2022 wherein students sold their products like handmade food items, textiles, games, music on demand, fancy materials, fashion accessories and many more.

The Bazaar on Campus included 12 stalls with a participation of around 250 students and visitors. The platform was created to empower students to pursue entrepreneurship and marketing techniques. Through this activity the participants learnt the skills of generating capital, team work, coordination, working towards a common purpose, procuring raw materials and sharing the profit.  

The ideas were evaluated under the categories like Most Innovative Business Concept, Best Decorated Stall, Most Sustainable Business Venture, Most Profitable Business etc.


The awards were bagged by the following:


Most Sustainable Business Venture

Ms. Siddhi Jain

Mr. Dhairya Sharma

Mr. Harsh Yadav

Mr. A.S. Abhinand

Ms. Kinjan Jain

Ms. Mahima Maheshwari

Mr. Rajat Kumar Madhup

Most Innovative Business Concept

Ms. Srashti Jain

Ms. Vibha Agarwal

Mr. Sambhav Jain

Mr. Aman Tiwari

Mr. Manan Jain

Mr. Piyush Saini

Best Decorated Stall

Ms. Ashita Lakhiyani

Ms. Kirti Khandelwal

Mr. Ritesh Kumawat

Mr. Varun Singh Chauhan

Ms. Simran Gulwani

Mr. Vaibhav Bansal

Most Profitable Business

Mr. Yash Mathur

Ms. Garima Bajaj

Ms. Nandini Sharma

Mr. Keshav Pareek

Ms. Nishu Jain

Mr. Nakul Jain


The activity aimed at giving a real life experience and a learning opportunity to the evolving business minds.




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