Women’s Day Celebration

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, a talk was organized by the institute on 6th March 2020. The guest for the event was Dr. Lad Kumari Jain, Professor Rajasthan University, Former Chairperson, Rajasthan State Women Commission. She discussed various problems faced by women in the society. She apprised students about severe under-representation of women in all socio-economic spheres in India in earlier times. Prof. Jain also shared the impact of various interventions of government and social organizations on increased women’s participation in various domains. Through her journey of life, she informed students that social norms take time to change and are often difficult to influence directly.
She shared that the Indian constitution is very strong and takes care of the dignity of every individual, so as of women. She strongly suggested that a small booklet should be distributed among the general people so that they could know about the rights and laws which are made specifically for women. Dr. Jain has also written a book named ‘’ SHAKTI’’ in which she has talked about different perspectives about relationships and the hard life a woman has to lead. She shared some snippets from her publication.
She advised students as the youth of the country to respect every gender and also that they should respect women at their workplaces.