Post Budget Analysis

The institute organized a panel discussion on “Post budget Analysis” on February 11th, 2020.

Mr. Arvind Bhargava, Joint Asst. Vice President and Regional Business Head-Rajasthan, HDFC Asset Management Company Ltd., CA Abhishek Jain, Senior Partner H C Bothra & Associates, Mr. Anurag Bharadwaj, Expert, Corporate Affairs, Mr. Shailendra Agarwal, News Editor, Rajasthan Patrika, CA Yashasvi Sharma, Yashasvi Sharma & Associates were amongst the eminent panelists who presented their views on the recent union budget that was introduced in the parliament.

The session was organised to discuss the pros and cons of the latest budget from varied perspectives and to apprise the students with the financial impact of the budget on the micro as well as macro-economic aspects in the country.

Mr. Anurag Bharadwaj presented a comprehensive picture of the budget wherein he discussed various economic implications of the budget touching upon all the macro variables. He also focussed on the relevance of understanding the major problems existing in the country such as rural distress and unemployment. He also familiarized students with the impact of reduction in the corporate tax rate for new companies in the manufacturing sector.

Mr. Abhishek Jain (CA) presented minute intricacies of the budget in terms of taxation and financial relaxations to individuals as well as business organisations. He appreciated that the budget focuses on balancing of structural aspects and strengthening the revenue base of the government. He also apprised the students with the new tax regime and its implication.

Mr. Arvind Bhargava discussed about the employment opportunities that budget would be able to create for youth. He also shared about the overall positive atmosphere for start-ups in a country like India and its latent impact on generation of employment.

Mr. Yashasvi Sharma discussed the impact of change in GST rates on businesses. He acquainted that the Government is putting its efforts to simplify GST returns, improving input tax credit flow and overall simplification of the filing of taxes.

Mr. Shailendra Agarwal told that India is on growth trajectory and discussed that India has grown leaps and bounds in terms of GDP, Exports, employment generation opportunities, living standard but economy needs greater transformation to increase the reach of growth.

Mr. Arvind Bhargava emphasised on the application of Performance Budgeting as a necessary ingredient for budget evaluation. He also emphasized that formulation of budget is important but concurrent evaluation of the budget in the course of implementation is equally important. With his concluding views about the budget he acquainted the students with the nitty-gritty of the financial environment and also spoke about the factors which must have been included in the budget to make it a stable budget.

Students asked many questions from panellist and learnt about the vitality of organizing budget analysis.