On March 6, 2020, the Entrepreneurship cell, “E-Igniters” organized Paricharcha - a Panel discussion intended to stimulate the knack and aptitude amongst students to be entrepreneurs.
The panellists were Ms. Sadhna Singh, Founder, Raseeka, Ms. Shruti Shukla, Founder, Complex Cable Industries, Ms. Parul Poddar, Founder, Parure, Ms. Aastha Jain Agarwal, Founder, Pinkblue India & Kids Boutique, Ms. Monika Sharma, Founder, Monchos Homemade, Ms Nehal Sharma, Director Barwara Group of Hotels. Ms. Sadhna Singh, Chaired the session.
Ms. Sadhna enunciated about the nuances of entrepreneurship. She highlighted the relevance of having an entrepreneurial passion and the value an entrepreneur creates for himself/herself, society and the nation as a whole.
Ms. Astha shared that the idea of her business came to her mind when she was just in class Eleven. She encouraged students by stating that age is not a bar for possessing good idea, in fact it is dependent on ones’ ability to visualize, and courage to bear the risk of commercializing the idea. She highlighted the importance Research and Development, setting short-term and long-term goals.
Ms. Shruti acquainted students about the difficulties faced as a women entrepreneur in operating in an industry which is mostly dominated by men. She told that in business it is really important to manage expenses. A prudent entrepreneur is one who manages cyclical fluctuations by saving money in good times and utilizing the saved amount in meeting contingencies of tough times.
Ms. Monika informed the criticality of building networks in business. She shared how her participation in various Marathons has helped her expanding her business. She also informed about the impact of seasonal demand on her Chocolate manufacturing business.
Ms. Parul specifically talked about the important role of marketing for a business. She told how her upbringing in a business family improved her business acumen. She also informed how Indian Mentality for jewellery is shifting from gold to imitation and fashion jewellery.
As per Ms. Nehal her belief in ‘Thinking out of the box’ helped her contributing to her Hotel business as a second generation entrepreneur. She shared how leveraging technological platforms designed for hotel industry helped her increasing the room occupancy by 100 percent.
The distinguished panellists attempted to motivate the students to be job providers rather than job seekers and accomplish their entrepreneurial dream. They also asked them to care for the employee who help them realizing their entrepreneurial dream. They guided students that as an entrepreneur it is also important to have strong spiritual quotient so that a balanced approach can be achieved. They informed that satisfaction is much important than success.
It was an enriching session for the students who had several follow up questions that were enthusiastically addressed by the speakers.