FDP on Creativity & Innovation in Professional Teaching

The institute organized Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on 7th December on the topic ‘Creativity and Innovation in Professional Teaching’. The resource persons were Prof. Somesh Dhamija, and Prof. Aruna Dhamija, Institute of Business Management, GLA University, Mathura.
Prof. Somesh started with general discussion about why Education is seen as central in fostering creative and innovative skills. He told that creativity in education has more to do with the process than with the product, and focus is therefore on the development of thinking and cognitive skills.
He opined that the teachers should leverage the upsurge of new media and technologies that students use in their everyday lives that can further be exploited in creative and innovative ways. Teachers need to develop creative approaches and find new methods, solutions and practices to grab the attention of the students. He focused on the use of methods/games to explain the practical application of the concepts stating that it is need of the hour.
He shared many insightful videos highlighting the importance of creativity and innovation. He discussed Bloom’s Taxonomy which is a hierarchical ordering of cognitive skills that can, among countless other uses, help teachers teach and students learn.
Prof. Aruna Dhamija elaborated that a batch is a heterogeneous mixture of students, each student has different pace, aptitude and attitude towards learning. A teacher should therefore be tactful and flexible in his/her methodology of teaching. She emphasized that teaching is a technique which involves preparation of study material, case studies, stories, examples, exercises, activities, and innovative methods. She explained that these factors play an important role in grounding for creativity and innovation to a thriving environment, proposing a series of central factors which can support the shift towards more creative and innovative education.

Prof. Aruna conducted a very interactive session, wherein she asked the participants to open the doors of their mind and think differently. She asked riddles to the participants, made them play games and narrated stories making the session all the more fun and interesting. In the end she told that teachers should imbibe qualities like originality, rationality, different thinking and inculcate passion and creativity in everything they do.