2nd International Ramayana Conference


With the lightening of lamp and seeking blessings from the Lord Almighty two day Second International Ramayana Conference was organized in International School of Informatics and Management, Technical Campus (IIIM) in collaboration with AIMS International and Shri Ram Charitra Bhawan on 5th and 6th January, 2019.

On the day of inaugural, Chief Guest of the conference Prof. Vinod Shastri an astrologer, palmist and Vasthu Consultant and Dr. O.P Gupta, Professor, Marilyn Davies College of Business, University Of Houston-Downtown with Dr. Ashok Gupta, Director, IIIM and Vice Chancellor, IIS University welcomed all the Guests and emphasized the relevance of Ramayana in the current era. Dr OP Gupta emphasized on the need of impersonification of Lord Rama’s character to achieve success in all spheres of life. Prof Vinod Shastri enriched the audience further by the story of Rama “King of Ayodhya”, the proud torch bearer of the Arya Vansh. He emphasized that this epic has been able to capture & explain through its characters all the facets of human life. Other than Ramayana-the epic, rarely has any story been narrated with such gusto & reverence anywhere in known human history.

Dr Ashok Gupta also elaborated the profound character of Lord Rama and the way Ramayana epitomizes the way of life. He said that all the characters of Ramayana are indeed awe inspiring, in terms of the myriad human emotions and behavior and the nation should learn to live like them.

The two day long conference had 20 national and international paper presentations. The sessions were chaired by Dr OP Gupta. During the session, papers on topics like, “Leadership Lessons from Hanumanji”, “Ram eknaam anek”, “Rama and development of 8 kingdoms for 8 grandsons of king Dashrath”. Dr Kusum Knapczyk from Duke University narrated the use of Ramayana and its stories while teaching “Relevance of Ramayana in teaching elementary Hindi”.


Day two commenced with the second Technical Session titled Ram Rahasya and included papers on topics like “ The secrets of Ramayan and Rama”, “Simplifying and summarizing sanathan dharma” and “Valmiki Ramayan as a Treatise for transforming leaders and leadership” in which Dr. Balkrishnan Muniapan from the University of Malaysia, explained how leadership qualities that can be imbibed from Ramayana. He stated that the manifestations of core themes of the Ramayana are very intune with the management trends and in need of detailed research.

During the valedictory session a breath taking “Nritya Natika” was presented by the students to praise the Almighty for his blessings. This was followed by distribution of certificates to all the participants. The conference culminated with a vote of thanks to the session chair, all the eminent speakers, guests, delegates, reviewers, advisory committee, and co-organizers for their support for the success of the conference by Dr. Manju Nair, Principal IIIM.