FDP on “The Trap of Human Mind” 

IIIM organized a Faculty Development Programme on “The Trap of Human Mind” on November 02, 2018. The resource person was Mr. Kishore Chainani, Associate Certificate Life Coach, and International Coach Federation US.

He told that we are drowning in a sea of overwhelm. Burdened by our to- do lists and stifled by the requisite needs of familial, career and personal life, it’s quite easy to see why we tend to veer off track.

We all know how to chop down the time from our routine for our goals, and we also know our health is paramount, without it, how can we expect to achieve our goals? And we all are instrumental in our propensity for achievement.

Mr. Kishore said it’s easy to get sidetracked when trying to pursue business or career goals. We tend to lack the work-life balance that offers a healthy state-of-mind. When we're actively pursuing success in some endeavor, everything else tends to suffer and the people around us clamor for our time that we simply aren't willing to give.

In his deliberations, he used several stories from day to day life to  improve work-life balance so that we can happily achieve rather than achieving to be happy.