"Streams have more than one response to rocks else there would be no Grand Canyon"

The turn of millennium has brought in its wake a new dawn, brighter faces, higher  hopes and soaring dreams. Our country has entered this millennium with a  revitalized vigour, vitality and strength. The vibrancy is electrifying and almost  tangible. However, the legacy of the past turmoil continues to dampen our spirits  and slow down our pace of growth.
Corporate India is still at a cross road, the promise of delivering cherished dreams  and hopes seems to be fading in distant horizon. In such a testing time, the  responsibility being shouldered by an educationist is perhaps of immeasurable magnitude.
The need of the hour today is a responsible and disciplined army of youngsters  equipped with the vision, competence, character, incisive purposive ness and an  attitude  to scale altitudes.

At IIIM, we aim at creating a domain in which participants of various programmes continually deepen their understanding of self and acquire the ability to make a more meaningful contribution in the unfolding of the world. Ultimately, we survive and grow by creating new realities. We religiously believe that we harvest in life, only and exactly what we sow in our minds. Therefore we work at influencing, shaping, guiding and polishing our students to serve the interests of our economy. Our openness to environment and willingness to toil to tap the vast potential of human mind is our strength. We believe in partnering with corporates and other institutions in gifting to the nation, a self-motivated team of members who are holistic in approach, versatile in talent and brimming with a sense of belongingness, year on year.

Dr. Ashok Gupta


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