Syllabus – 2006 – 2007
Sub – Science and Technology

Class – IX 

First Term 

April              Ch. 5                      The fundamental unit of life

                    Ch. 1                      Matter in our surrounding

                    Ch. 8                      Motion

May               Ch. 1                      Matter in our surrounding (Contd).

                    Ch. 8                      Motion (Contd).

July               Ch. 2                      Is matter around us pure

                    Ch. 6                      Tissue

                    Ch. 9                      Force and laws of motion

August           Ch. 6                      Tissue Force and laws of motion

                    Ch.9                       Force and laws of motion (Contd).



Second Term


September    Ch. 10                    Gravitation

                    Ch. 3                      Atoms and molecules

                    Ch. 7                      Diversity in living Organisms

October        Ch. 11                    Work and energy

                   Ch. 4                      Structure of the atom

                   Ch. 14                    Natural Resources

November    Ch. 11                    Work and energy (Contd).    

                   Ch. 4                      Structure of the atom (Contd)


Third Term


December     Ch. 12                    Sound

                    Ch. 15                    Improvement in food Resources

                    Ch. 13                    Why do we fall ill

Jan, Feb – Revision of chapters taught in I and II term

Note:- In session ending Examination syllabus of first and second Term will also be included.



Class – IX

(code – 041)

Book Prescribed:- Text Book For Class IX (NCERT)

Theory Marks:                                  80

Internal assessment Marks:             20

First Term


April             Number System


May              Coordinate Geometry

July               Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry, Lines and Angles, Triangles

August           Revision


Second Term


September   Quadrilaterals, Area of parallelograms and triangles

October        Linear Equations in two Variables, Herons formula

November    Revision.


Third Term

December   Statistics, Probability.

January       Surface Areas and Volumes.

February      Circles, Constructions.


Note:- In session ending Examination syllabus of first and second Term will also be included. 



Subject:        French

Grade:         9

(Code No: 018)

Books Prescribed: 1. Enter Jeunes-  Vol. I > by CBSE,

                           2. Cahier d’ Exercises, Vol-1

3. Reference book:-(Cours de langue et de civilization francaises – Vol-I) (for grammar only)

Theory Marks:       100

First Term

April                          Revision of Grammar, Solution of promotion paper.

                                Lesson 0, 1, 2 of Entre jeunes-1.

                                Lesson 3 (some topics)

May                          Lesson 3 (Continued) unit Test


July                          Lesson 4 and 5 of Entre jeunes-1,

     Lesson 29 of reference book – (Grammar only). Introduction
     to writing skills. (Unit test)

August                     Writing skills – Letter Writing and Post card.


                                I Term Examination (covering all) Ch. 0 – 5

                                Of Entre Jeune, Lesson 24, 25, 29 of reference Book.

Second Term

September               Paper solution of I Term.

                               Lesson 6 and 7 of Entre Jeune. (Unit test)

October                   Lesson 37, 38, 39, 52 of reference book. Practice on writing
                               skills (Letter, postcard, invitation card, message) Unit Test.

November                Revision for II term Examination.

                              Text and Grammar of lessons 0 – 7, grammar of reference
                               book (of the chapters mentioned)

Third Term

December                Questions on Culture and civilization of France. Lesson 8

                               (few topics) Paper solution of II term examination.

January                    Lesson 8 (continued), Lesson 9 of Entre Jeunes.

                                Lessons 30 – 31, 50 – 51 of reference book.

                                (Unit Test)   Pronom personnels (Complete)

February                   Lesson 10 of Entre Jeunes.

                                 Revision on Pronom Personnel.

                                 Lesson 47 – 48 of Reference Book. (Unit Test)

                                 Revision of entire grammar covered during the 3 Terms.

March                         Final/promotion Examination.

Note:- In session ending Examination Syllabus of first and second Term will also be included. 



Grade:         IX

Code:           101

Theory         100 Marks:

Book Prescribed

  1. Interact is English – Literature Reader

  2. Main Courses Book

  3. Interact English – Workbook.

First Term

April              Reader    Ch. 12, 15

May              Reader     Ch. 1

                    Main Course Book Unit I

                    Grammar section Revision.

July              Work Book Unit 1, 2

                    Reader                Ch. 6

August          Reader                Ch. 9, Main course book Unit 2

Factual description, Article, Message, Notice, Guided composition.


Second Term

September     Reader                            Ch. 7, 8

                     Main course Book           Unit 3

October         Main course Book           Unit 4

                     Work Book Unit 3, 4

                     Reader                           Ch. 2

November      Main Course Book          Unit 5

                     Work Book                     Unit 5

                     Reader                            Ch. 3

Note:- Grammar and Writing skills taught it first term

Third Term

December    Reader                            Ch. 4

                    Main course Book           Unit 6

                    Workbook                      Unit6

January        Reader                          Ch. 10, 11

                    Main course book           Unit 7

                    Workbook                      Unit 7

February       Reader                           Ch. 13

                    Workbook                      Unit 8

Note:- First Term and II term syllabus will also be included in promotion examination.


Information Technology

Class IX

I Term

April              Ch. 5                   MS Word

May              Ch. 1                   Computer System An overview

July               Ch. 4                   MS Windows

August                                      Revision


II Term


September   Ch. 7                   MS Power Point

October        Ch. 7                   MS Power Point (to be continued)

                    Ch. 2                   Computer Software

November                                Revision


III Term


December     Ch. 6                   MS Excel

January         Ch. 3                  Communication Technology

                     Ch. 3                  Communication Tech. (to be continued)

February                                   Revision

Note:- In session ending Examination Syllabus of first and second Term will also be included. 


Social Science

Class IX


Books Prescribed:- India and the Contemporary world NCERT

Democratic Politics NCERT

Contemporary India – I (Geography) NCERT

Economics NCERT

Together towards a safer India II (Disaster management) CBSE

Internal Evaluation:        20 Marks

Written Paper : 80 Marks

Total:                            100 Marks

First Term


History       Section I     Ch.1     The French Revolution.

Democratic       -          Ch.1     Democracy in the contemporary world


Cotemporary -  Ch.1     India – Size and Location


Economics        -           Ch.1     The store of village Palampur


Management     Part I    Ch.1     Becoming a Disaster Manager-Understanding key terms.

                                    Ch.2     Components of Disaster management

July                                          (Livelihoods, Economies and Societies)

History Section II             Ch.4     Forest Society and Colonialism.
(Everyday life, culture and politics)

                  Sec. III         Ch.7     History and sport: The story of cricket  

                  Democratic    Ch.2     What is democracy? Why Democracy?


Contemporary India            Ch.2     Physical feature of India


Economies                         Ch.2     People and Resource

Disaster      Part II              Ch.3     Introduction to Disaster, Risk, Management

Management                                         Understanding Disaster Mitigation.

                                                (Maps Related to chapters)

Second Term



History        Section I     Ch.2     Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution                          

                  Section II      Ch.5     Pastoralist in the Modern world

Democratic       Ch.3     Constitution design




India- I                       Ch.3     Drainage

Economics                   Ch.3     Poverty as a Challenge

Disaster      Part II        Ch.4     Specific hazards and mitigation




India-1                      Ch.4     Climate


Manager     Part III       Ch.5     Preventing Common man made disasters

                                                (Maps related all chapters)

Democratic       Ch.4     Electoral Politics


Third Term


History        Sec. I         Ch.3     Nazism and the rise of Hitler

                  Sec. II        Ch. 6    Peasants and farmers


India – I                       Ch.5     Natural Vegetation and wild life

January History Sec. III   Ch.8     Clothing a Social History

Democratic                    Ch.5     Working of Institutions


Economics                       Ch.4     Food Security in India


Management     Part IV Ch.6    Community based Disaster Management


Democratic                  Ch.6     Democratic Rights


Contemporary               Ch.6     Population



Management Part IV Ch.7       School Planning for Disasters

                                         (Maps related to all chapters)

                                          Revision of entire Syllabus

Note:- In session ending Examination Syllabus of first and second Term will also be included.




Class – IX

Book Prescribed:- Textbook of Environment Education by NCERT


First Term


April          Ch. 1             Ecosystem and its Types

                 Ch. 2             Interaction between Biotic & Biotic Components.

                 Ch. 3             Energy flow &Nutrient Cycle

May           Ch. 4             Destruction of an Ecosystem

July            Ch. 5             Impact of Ecosystem Destruction

August        Ch. 6             Conservation of an Ecosystem


Second Term

September   Ch. 7             Role of Environmental Impact Assessment

                   Ch. 8             Natural Resources

October        Ch. 9             Depletion of Resources 

                   Ch.10            Practice of Conservation of resource

November    Ch.11            Sources & Classification of waste.

Third Term


December    Ch.12            Impact of waste Accumulation

                   Ch.13            Need for management of waste

January       Ch.14            Waste management

                   Ch.15            Fundamental Values and ethics

Feb.             Ch.16            Women and child welfare project     

Note:- In session ending Examination Syllabus of first and second Term will also be included.