Workshop on 03/02/2014 on “Management Information systems, Yesterday Today and Tomorrow”

IIIM organized a workshop on 03/02/2014 on “Management Information systems, Yesterday Today and Tomorrow”. Management Guru Shri Sharu S. Rangnekar conducted the workshop, which was organized to provide a platform to students to develop an understanding of recent issues related to MIS and upcoming challenges for business houses to handle such challenges.

Mr. Sharu Rangnekar spoke about MIS not using typical IT jargon but by way of citing simple, interesting anecdotes. He told that effective communication mechanism, robust systems, unambiguous rules and regulations and perception about truth, play crucial role for MIS to be effective. He started with an immediate example of everybody’s life of communication happening in between an infant and his mother.He told that an infant does not need words to communicate with his mother but a different type of communication exists between the two and mother understands by the means of cry, behaviour, facial expressions and hand gestures indicating that every information system may have a different set of data to handle and different method of rocessing it.

In his speech, he told that MIS works smoothly if there is a proper system in place. He referred to an example of‘Confucianism’ with especial reference to father and son relationship, according to which a Father should set a good example for his son, so that a son can put away his own ideas and opinions and be obedient to the father so that he can someday be a good head of house. Similarly organisations should design a system in such a way where people can automatically contribute to their fullest in terms of information. He told that clear rules and regulations make system more effective.

He went on to talk about “Truth” and said that truth is not static, there is only perception of truth, truth is not real, it is what we perceive and identify to be true. He narrated few short stories to state greater role of perception in truth formation. The same set of data may carry different meaning for different people in an MIS.

He also spoke about motivation for one’s job and said that while most people work for money, status and power but there is an array of people who don’t work only for money and power and lead world by their passion and worship for their profession. He quoted the examples of Sachin Tendulkar and M.F Husain and told that it is a known fact that it’s their passion and love for their profession that made them legends in their world of work.

The talk was followed by lively interaction session in which Shi Rangnekar satisfied the queries and doubts raised by the students.

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