• Dr. Divya Mehta
  • Assistant Professor
  • Communication
  • 06 years
  • divya.mehta@icfia.org
Papers published in Journals


  1. Mehta, D.(2015) ''An empirical study of the dimensions of customer value co-creation behaviour'', IJARIIE, ISSN: 2395-4396.
  2. Mehta, D. ''Social Media to Social Marketing'', IJMER,ISSN: 2277-7881.
  1. Mehta, D. ''To identify reasons behind the low revenue generating cell sites for Bharti Airtel Ltd. in Rajasthan'', IJMER, ISSN: 2277-7881.


  1. Mehta,D. ''Research paper published on ''Mobile Number Portability: Win-Win for Indian Customers and Mobile Operators'', Researchjournali.com, ISSN: 2347-8217



  1.  Mehta D. & Singhal Shuchi. (2015). Book Review- ''Decide To Lead'', authored by Sangeeth Varghese, AIMA e-journal of Management & Research, ISSN: 0974-9497, Vol.9 || Issue-3/4.
  2. Singhal Shuchi & Mehta D.. (2015). Book Review- ''Mobile Communications: An Introduction to New Media'', authored by Nicola Green and Leslie Haddon, MAIMT-Journal of IT & Management, ISSN: 0974 - 066X

Newspapers/ Magazine Articles

  1. Published online article for Jagranjunction.com titled ''Aur bhagwan keh uthenge Tathastu!'' on July 01, 2015.



  1.   Book on ''Business Communication Lab'', Pinkcity Publishers, May 2014. ISBN: 978-93-80522-74-6.


  • Ph.D
  • MBA (Marketing, HR) from IIIM College, Jaipur
  • B. Sc. (Home Science Hons) from ICG, Jaipur
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