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Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)

The programme offers dual specialization in Marketing, Finance, HR, IT & Systems, International Business and Production & Operation Management.

The first year i.e. trimesters I, II & III include 18 core papers i.e. 6 core papers per trimester. All papers included in these trimesters are compulsory.

The second year i.e. trimesters IV, V & VI include:

   A.   6 core theory papers and one core project paper. All the seven core papers are compulsory.

   B.   The University offers Six fields of specialization out of which a candidate has to opt for two specializations for the purpose of dual specialization in the MBA Programme.

In the IV and V trimesters, students will opt for two papers from each specialization that he/ she has opted for, as 'Elective Papers'. In the VI trimester, he/ she has to opt only one paper from each specialization as elective papers. Thus the students study ten elective papers, five from each of the two specializations in the second year i.e trimesters IV, V and VI.


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