Parichay- 2013 (MCA)

Parichay- 2013(MCA)

Parichay- 2013(MCA)
On August 16, 2013 International School of Informatics and Management organized ‘Parichaya-2013’. The Orientation week for the tender footers. Parichay has proved its significance each time is grandly carried out in IIIM.

The Orientation programme is a week of celebration for all the talented budding technocrats, who keep their first step in the institute with high expectations and liveliness. This influential session aims to reduce and eliminate any mind-set of isolation that students invariably feel during the first few days and weeks in the new environment.

The Programme was organized to orient the Master of Computer Application students with the Vision and Mission, ethics and culture of the Institute. The event started on day one with lighting the lamp of knowledge followed by welcome speech by the Director of the institution.
The Director addressed the aspiring technocrats with his motivating words and at the same time solicited high attendance and involvement of students to gain maximum out of this industry specific program. Dr. Gupta’s inspirational thoughts reinforced their belief and commitment towards the right career path chosen by them. Dr. Gupta also outlined a career path for the students enabling them to realize how important the next three years would be to each of them .
Through a well-compiled presentation the freshers were introduced to the world of IIIM. They were offered the first glimpse into the world of IT with a presentation on ‘Future IT Trends’.
The new students, then, introduced themselves, sharing with their new family their hopes, aspirations and dreams. During this week-long workshop, students were acquainted with different facets of recent trends and challenges of IT World. The students got an opportunity to interact with prominent experts from Industry.
Mr. Abhijeet Yadav, IT Manager, Marriot Hotel, stressed on Domain Specific Computer Application and told about the importance of acquiring knowledge of some specific domains so as to be industry ready
 Mr. Himanshu Gupta, Sr. Manager, Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Ltd. Jaipur, advised the students to “Keep thinking in right direction with enough input” for continuous growth.
Mr. Divye Tela, Director, Auriga IT Solutions, Jaipur, talked about Open Source Systems such as HTML5, Jumla, APIs and Cloud computing
Mr. Abhay Singh,addressed to the students about “New Technologies and Products” and he said that in fact, product roadmap is defined by its customers, especially based on work performed and areas we identify where we feel value can be added through our services and hence continuous updation of the product (software) to suit the customers’ changing technology is a must
The session on “Technologies Ahead” by Mr. Apoorv Saxena, Project Manager, Decurtis Corporation, Jaipur included live examples to motivate the new technocrats to upgrade themselves with the latest and upcoming technologies.
Mr. Yogesh Agrawal, QA Manager, Metacube Software Ltd, Jaipur, talked about “Cloud Computing”, informed the students about the scope and recent developments in the field
Ms. Sumeeti Mittal,Director, Pratham Software, Jaipur said that “industry-academia gap” is a widely discussed topic. This gap can be minimized by understanding what the industry expects from a fresh engineer and discussed eight expectations of the industry has from an engineer. Learnability, Ability to work in teams, Communication Skills, Positive Attitude, Flexibility, Adaptability, Self-Motivation, and Ownership
Mr. Ripu Daman Magon, Vice President, R&D, HCL Technologies, Jaipur talked about e-Governance and e-commerce.
Prof. Ramesh Arora, Chairman, Management Development Academy, Jaipur inputs of developing a “Positive Personality”. In his interesting session the students got the knowledge of Positive Affirmations, Positive visualization, Positive people, Positive mental food, Positive training and development, Positive health habits, Positive expectations.
Mr. Lokesh Khandelwal, AGM, Aksh OptiFiber, Jaipur, gave an overview of the “e-Governance” which is a high priority system for the Indian Government as well as the people of India. He also revealed the National e-Governance Plan of Indian Government which seeks to lay the foundation and provide the impetus for long-term growth of e-Governance within the country.
Session by the faculty were also initiated to acquaint the students about the institute courses projects and assignments by the end of the week-long program the students had been interested to different facts of the IT world and the institutes working culture.

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