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Faculty Development Programme
IIIM organized Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on the topic “How to write a research article?” on January 31st 2014. The resource person Dr. DPS Verma, Former Professor of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics, covered essential parts of writing a research article and briefly discussed teaching methodology and curriculum development with the faculty members. He emphasized that it is necessary for a researcher to design a methodology for the problem chosen. While explaining the difference between methods and methodology, Professor Verma said that one should note that even if the method considered in two problems is the same, the methodology may be different. It is important for a researcher to know not only the research methods necessary for the research under taken but also the methodology.
Dr. Verma, in his session provided inputs on the structure and types of research papers, choosing a topic, material and methods and referencing.
The session helped the faculty gain insight into effective presentations of their research work.
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