National Conference on Entrepreneurship and Innovation

National Conference on “Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Catalysts and Effects”, 11-12th April 2013
The International School of Informatics and Management Technical campus and FMS-The IIS University organised the Third National Conference on Management and IT on the theme,  “Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Catalyst and Effects”. The two day long National Conference included two Technical Sessions to give enough focus on different thoughts and views. There were 130 registrations from 8 states of the country and these researchers contributed their papers on the conference theme. Around 170 delegates participated in the conference.
 The motive of the conference was to give equal opportunities to all management and IT practitioners, academicians, policy makers, researchers and other experts for discussions on the germane prolific areas allied to current polices and practices.  The conference was successful in achieving its aim and highlighted the emerging research domains across various dimensions of applying innovation to entrepreneurship.
Saraswati Vandana along with Deep Prajwalan gave and auspicious start to the National Conference. Dr. Ashok Gupta, Director IIIM  welcomed all the Guests and the delegates. Dr. Gupta said that management and entrepreneurship play imperative role in the economic development of any country which can be witnessed by increasing innovations in the areas that are inducing economic growth of growing economies like India and China. The goal of such increasing innovations is to enhance individual scientific contributions, promoting business talent and innovations for competitive advantage so that it contributes to the organizational development and consequently to nation building of any country. The issue has emerged as a common interest to the professionals, academicians, policy makers all over the world and the requirement of collaborative efforts at national and international level is being greatly realized.
He informed that this conference is an effort to present the recent updates of Management and Innovation; and promote interaction among professionals, academicians, and researchers coming from various backgrounds. The objective is to enhance the creation of effective knowledge base and economic prosperity.
Dr. Manju Nair, Principal, IIIM gave introduction about the conference and briefed that in recent years, there has been mounting recognition of the key role played by innovation and entrepreneurship in the conception and success of Businesses. Development and inception of new ideas, concepts and theories in management and services and inventions and tremendous growth in the technology sector, particularly information & communication technologies is providing an appropriate breeding ground for Entrepreneurial ventures.
The chief guest of the conference Shri Sudipto Choudhury, CEO, Bharti Airtel, Rajasthan Circle, highlighted the issues which need to be dealt at global level and also quoted several examples of innovation and entrepreneurship approaches. According to Mr. Choudhury for entrepreneurial skills, the appropriate design of idea is mandatory and such ideas should be converted into business plans and should be executed day in and day out. He further emphasized on gut feeling which he said, is essential for a true entrepreneur. He concluded with the saying “Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication”.
The Book of Abstracts, A compilation of selected abstracts contributed by the participants of the conference was released by the Chief Guest in the inaugural session.
The Session concluded with the vote of thanks extended by Dr. Swati V. Chande, Dean, Computer Science. Dr. Chande said that of the theme for the conference was determined keeping in view the significance of understanding the strategies for promotion of innovative approaches and to highlight the emerging research areas across various dimensions of the topic and also to identify emerging channels in entrepreneurship and IT sector, and thanked the participants for an encouraging response.
The conference further proceeded with the Technical Session-1, ”Managerial and Technological aspects in Entrepreneurial Enterprises” which was chaired by Dr. Madhvi Sinha, Head, CS & IT, BIT, Mesra, Jaipur Campus and Dr. Santosh Dhar, Professor, JKL University, Jaipur.”
During this session, papers on topics like An Innovation Transposition Cipher for Image Encryption, Women Entrepreneurship, Internet Entrepreneurship, Corporate Governance in Banks, Testing in Cloud Computing, Security Issues and Challenges in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Social Challenges of e-banking,  Sustainability Through innovative HR Practices in Health Care Industry, Rural Entrepreneurship etc. were presented by the participants.
The technical session was followed by a panel discussion on Entrepreneurship: Emerging Issues and Trends. The session was chaired by Professor S.P. Garg , J.I.M.S., Jaipur and the other panel members were Mr. Manoj Shrimali, COO, Pratham Software , Mr. Ashutosh Sharma, Director, Vidhi Industries, Mr. Anshul Jain, Director, Golden Divine and Chairman, CS Association, Jaipur Chapter, Mr. Shrinivas Chari, Chief Mentor, Rendezvous with Experts
Day 2 of the conference witnessed deliberations on the subtheme “Innovative Practices and Entrepreneurship Development”, Technical session 2 was be chaired by Dr. Anil Mehta, Professor, University of Rajasthan & Prof. G.S. Dangayach, Department of Mechanical Engineering, MNIT, Jaipur.
The topics on which papers were presented by the participants were Entrepreneurship Education: Upholding the Economy of India, Entrepreneurship Development in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in India, Service Entrepreneurship as per Ari Ginsberg's Theory: A Case Study of Mayuri Shahnaz Beauty Salon, Women Empowerment, Entrepreneurship & Economic Growth, Role of Entrepreneur as an Innovator, Women Entrepreneurs in Northern India: Benefits and Challenges faced as Innovators, Frugal Innovative Rural Marketing Strategies- Creating Paradigm Shift in India, Is Microcredit a Tool for Poverty Alleviation?.
The conference concluded with the valedictory ceremony. A report on the conference proceedings, including the observations, summary and consequences of the conference was presented by Prof. Swati V. Chande.
The chief guest of the valediction ceremony of the conference was Dr. T. V. Rao, Chairman of TVRLS, Ahmedabad and an Adjunct Professor at IIM, Ahemdabad. Dr. Rao is an author of various best selling books on HR. In his valedictory address Prof Rao, one of the fathers of HRD, stated that entrepreneurial orientations can be developed through speaking an entrepreneurial language, exposure to stories of successful entrepreneurs, getting people to read motivational literatures, encouraging people to undertake entrepreneurial activities and various learning experiences. Dr. Rao said that Innovation is the introduction.

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