Post budget Analysis-2015

IIIM organised a panel discussion on “Post budget Analysis-2015” on March 4th, 2015   .

Dr. C.S. Barla, Prof. Laxminarayan Nathuramka, Mr. Varun Bansal (Charted Accountant), Ms. Winfred Crawford were amongst the eminent panellists who presented their views on the recent budget that was introduced in the parliament. 

The discussion was conducted in order to discuss the pros and cons of the latest budget and also to give the students an insight about the financial happenings in the country. Prof. Nathuramaka presented a detailed view about the budget in which he discussed various economical implications and also said that the budget is based on traditional lines with focus on growth and transformation.

Ms. Winfred Crawford indicated that the new budget could have come up with more jobs for empowering women financially and also with better entrepreneurial opportunities to encourage women to put their innovative ideas into action through new ventures.

Mr. Varun Bansal presented minute details of the budget in which he focused on tax structure and benefits which senior citizens can avail from the present tax slab.

Dr. C.S. Barla emphasised on five catch words of the latest budget – make in India, Expediency, Goods and Service Tax, increased state revenue share, and infrastructure development. He also explained how the political environment directly affects the economic environment of a nation. With his concluding views about the budget he acquainted the students with the nitty- gritty of the financial environment and also spoke about the challenges that are yet to be faced by the new Finance Minister of India.

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