One person resource workshop on Interpersonal Skills

ISIM organized a workshop on interpersonal skills on April 25th 2015. The resource person was Mr. Imaya Valen, Senior Manager & Training Lead, Professional skill vertical, Genpact.

Mr. Valen started by stating some rules to the participants for attending workshop so as to draw the attention of participants. He mentioned that today the significant challenge for budding managers is working with others, as they need to often work with people from different cultures having different personalities. He told that a focus on Interpersonal Skills is necessary to enhance the knowledge, attitudes and skills so as to know how we relate to family, co-workers, and friends including those from other cultures. He used techniques of role playing to bring participants close to realistic situations. He also used flip charts to motivate participants to write about their experiences regarding interpersonal skills and to analyse the possible mistakes that might occur during interpersonal interaction.

The workshop was designed to help participants discover and value the differences between people and take specific actions to improve their relationships with others. During the workshop participants learnt to identify their approaches to interpersonal conflicts, individual preferences, giving and receiving feedback, and establish methods for developing interdependence and trust and developing negotiation skills.


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