Play ‘Maa Mujhe Tagore Bana de’

IIIM hosted play ‘Maa Mujhe Tagore Bana de’ on October, 31, based on a Punjabi story written by Shri Mohan Bhandari and designed and enacted by Shri Lucky Gupta, a theater artist. It was the 833th performance of the artist which has been featured throughout the country.

The play is a saga of dedication, determination and resolve of a son of poor brick kiln labourer, who despite abject poverty and setbacks in childhood, hopes to be like Tagore in life and write poetry like him. The play was a solo performance and had many dramatic elements in it so that it could hold the attention of the audience. It was presented in intimate style and in unconventional setting which also was a novelty for the spectators.

The play was an eye opener for students to learn the value of education, ethics and relationship of students and teachers.



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