Faculty Development Programme “Career as a Corporate Trainer”

On July 16, 2015 a faculty development programme was conducted by Prof. Azhar Kazmi, Professor in Management, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. A noted academician and an internationally acclaimed author in the field of Management, Prof. Kazmi has been associated with School of Management Sciences as a member in the editorial advisory committee of the Journal entitled "Management Insight".

Prof. Kazmi motivated faculty members to work towards providing quality value based education and emphasized on four significant areas i.e. Teaching, Research, Training and consultancy in his discourse. Prof Kazmi said that the most important challenge in teaching National and International students is providing value embellishments to them besides the referred books and cases. The teachers have to involve themselves in research activities to provide such value editions. Good communication skills, relationship with students both inside and outside the class and value based education hold the key to success, he said.

The speaker highlighted the significance of the role of ‘Corporate Training’ in strengthening the pedagogy for professional courses. He articulated that Corporate Training is not only an exciting career option, but also an enriching activity for teachers that exposes them to the current happenings in the corporate world. Dr. Kazmi gave some very valuable tips on planning, designing and delivering a corporate training, and on the transition from being a teacher to a trainer.

He very patiently and willingly answered the queries of the participants, and provided inputs on pedagogy, academic upliftment, and research.

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