NSS Week

The NSS cell of IIIM organized various activities in the weeklong chain of events from 1st to 7th August 2014. The activities undertaken in NSS week were as follows:


                                      NSS Activities               

August 1, 2014

Meditation/Yoga Session

The benefits of meditation were communicated to the students by Yog Gurus, Mr Ashok Garg and Ms Hema Garg. They informed the students about Kundli awakening and the need to rest the mind regularly. The demonstration of the yogic kriyas and meditation to soothe the soul helped the participants in getting acquainted with the effects of yoga.



August 2, 2014

Health Check-up camp


A  Health Check-up camp was organized on day 2 of the NSS week. The objective of the camp was to provide free health check up and spread awareness regarding some common measures that can be taken to provide lots of health related issues. Camp was organized at the campus by setting up an ad-hoc clinic by installing advanced equipments for conducting various blood and bone tests in collaboration with Sharma Ortho Specialty Clinic.


On the occasion Dr Anil Kumar Sharma, MS (Orthopedics) came, assisted by Mr Prithvi Raj Singh (OT Assistant) and Mr Ramesh Lal (OT Assistant) and made students familiar with bone related ailments. nt such issues in later age is a must.


A total of 114 students took consultation in the camp regarding various problems ranging from sports related injuries, back pain, neck pain etc.

August 4 2014

Tree Plantation drive


With a view to check environment degradation and make surroundings clean and green, a tree plantation drive was taken up on 3rd day of the NSS week. The event was preceded by a talk on environment conservation by Environmentalist and Horticulture specialist Mr Umesh Parashar, emphasizing on the challenges and risks of environmental degradation and suggested many ways in which student community can contribute to environment conservation.

Dr Manju Nair kicked off the drive by planting a Neem tree sapling at in Institute’s premises. A total of 500 saplings of Neem, Ashok and Mango tree were planted in and around institute’s backyard play-area and in nearby community Parks. Around 50 fruit bearing trees of Jamun, Lemon and Guava were planted around nearby slums and the people living there were explained the benefits and rewards of those trees and were motivated to take care of those saplings and plant more trees in their community.



August 5, 2014

Helping Hand (Naya Sawera)


As a member of larger community, IIIM recognizes its role in shouldering the societal responsibilities and channelizing its students to be a better and socially responsible citizen.


Carrying forward the same spirit, on 4th day of NSS week organized from 1st to 7th Aug 2014, students of IIIM went to an NGO- Naya Sawera a unit for Snehachal- help and care to Under-privileged, orphans and HIV positive kids;. Students of IIIM learned from caretakers at Snehachal that their sole aim is to polish those young little gems with the hope of turning them into good citizens of tomorrow. The team taught the children basics of how to operate a computer and shaped play for the entertainment of the kids.

August 6, 2014

Educating the Neighborhood


For the 5th day “Educating the Neighborhood drive” was the theme wherein the team of NSS volunteers from IIIM went to Modern Public School to teach students about importance of soft skills and computer literacy to augment the theoretical knowledge acquired in classroom. NSS volunteers in teams of two took 2 hour session for students in a playful manner to achieve the best learning experience by the students of primary classes.

The team apprised the kids, about the importance of maintaining basic hygiene and responsibility towards conserving the nature. Students were also shown videos related to the things taught to understand them better.


The  team interacted with the students about how to start developing habit of newspaper reading , etiquettes to be followed during various activities like while greeting someone, eating meals, talking to someone stranger, receiving a phone call at parents phone etc. NSS team also taught students about using the internet for finding the right information related to their studies. Students found it interesting that how they can find different information related to their studies on Google.

August 7, 2014

E-Baithak (Entrepreneurship)


On the concluding day, the NSS cell with the Entrepreneurship cell – E-ignitors organized E-Baithak - a Panel discussion of successful Entrepreneurs for motivating and guiding the current MBA students towards entrepreneurial ventures.


The panelists in the discussion were Mr Sunny Akhlakh, Director Sunny Real Estate Developers; Mr Tarun Mundra, Director Bikaner Engineering Works; Mr Akhilesh Agarwal, Director Maruti Products Pvt Ltd; Mr Kapil Karamchandani, Founder K B Foods; and Mr Kuldeep Vyas, Director Udaipur Marbles Pvt Ltd. The panelists discussed their experience of starting their entrepreneurial ventures and the challenges they faced in taking their endeavors to new heights.

They also invited questions from the students and clarified their apprehensions and doubts regarding Entry barriers in Entrepreneurship, Appraisal of entrepreneurial ideas, sources of funding and entrepreneurship in services industry.


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