The Crafty Edge
(A cut above rest- Craft your success)

Make a cut above the rest. Get your product rise above the others and become a brand to buy.

In this ever intensifying market of branding commodity products one has to continually device new strategies to stay ahead of competition. A noteworthy case of branding a commodity is how Atta a staple food in India was branded by various multinationals like ITC’s Ashirvaad, General Mills’ Pillsbury, HUL’s Annapurna etc.

In this event participants have to create a marketing strategy for any one of the generic products- HANGER or Cotton Wicks or Coconut Kernel.

Points to be included in Power-point presentation are:

. Marketing Plan of the chosen product
(Including Four Ps of marketing)
. The selected product's brand should reflect following Intangible benefits
(Promise, Specificity, Target , Position and Engagement)
. Creative layout comprising of Logo, Punch-line and Jingle
. The prototype of proposed product can be demonstrated along with presentation

Rules for the Event:

. Teams have to submit their presentations in CDs/Soft copy on day 1 of MOSAIC, i.e. 16th March '15

. A team will be given 8 minutes for Presentation and 4 minutes for queries by judges and audience

. A team should comprise of 3 members

. Only one team per institute can participate

. All team members should present the Presentation

Teams will be evaluated on the basis of marketing strategy, creativity, branding, presentation skills and team