International School of Informatics and Management Technical Campus (IIIM) hosted their Annual National Management Festival, “MOSAIC-2015”, with vigor, fervor and ecstasy for three days, 16TH- 18TH March, 2015. MOSAIC is among the most popular management events in the country. It is a meeting ground for young aspiring managers from renowned management institutes. MOSAIC -2015 was a fascinating canvas for students to unite and show their creativity.

The fest was inaugurated by Mr. Mohit Arolkar, Vice President, BFS Commercial Operations, Genpact who also encouraged the students by his inspiring words. A presentation on the reminiscences of the year gone by, was made by the students. It was followed by Corporate presentation on Flipkart which showcased the efforts, grit and determination expected of entrepreneurs and inspired the future managers to aspire to be successful entrepreneurs like Sachin and Binny Bansal, founders of Flipkart.

The inaugural ceremony was succeeded by QUIZZARD which had a mind boggling series of rounds with an array of challenging questions for the participants. The event was designed to test the knowledge and awareness of students in various areas of management. The winners were Shyamil Jain and Sambhav Gadhaiya from Subodh Institute of Management and Career Studies, Jaipur and runners up were Harshit Brahmbhatt and Mohd. Salman from IIRM, Jaipur.

QUIZZARD was followed by “TAKE THE STREET” where the participants raised the pressing societal issues. It was judged by Mr. Ankur Pareek, Senior Manager, Locus Transit Pvt. Ltd. and Mr. Rakesh Sharma, Finance Manager, ITC. The winners were Jayant Baswani, Krishna Jalan, Nishant Mathur, Aman Modi, Sonam Jain and Rajavi Lakhtakia from Amity University, Rajasthan. The runners up were Rakhi Khandelwal, Sneha Bagaria, Sonam Sachdeva, Someshwar Narayan Sharma, Sumit Pal Singh Jadon and Mukesh Joshi from Subodh Institute of Management and Career Studies, Jaipur. The day ended with the event “CHAIN THE RHYTHM” popularly known as ‘antakshri’. It proved as a thrilling and vibrating mixture of lilting songs and throbbing beats. The winners were Deepak Kushwah and Mohd. Salman from IIRM, Jaipur and runners up were Sakshi Jain and Swati Sharma from S.S. Jain Subodh Management Institute, Jaipur.

Second day of the festival started with “CRAFTY EDGE’’ in which the participants were given a product and they were to submit a complete portfolio with a marketing plan and creative layout. The event was held to test the incisive instinct to win the customer’s mind space by developing portfolio for a product or a service keeping in mind the product’s sales, distribution, pricing, and promotion with the ultimate aim of giving maximum product mileage. The performances were judged by Mr. Sandeep Vyas and Group Captain Manoj Kumar. The winners were Shreyans Lodha, Puneet Jain and Priya Sharma from Subodh Institute of Management & Career Studies, Jaipur and runners up were Shreya Sharma, Kavita Awasthi and Sakshi Jain from S.S. Jain Subodh Management Institute, Jaipur. It was followed by “PICASSO” a vibrant and enthralling event, in which contestants expressed their artistic talents by painting the given object. It was judged by Ms. Shefali Sharma, a budding entrepreneur, Nirvana Artistic Solutions. The winner was Divya Sharma from Poornima School of Management, Jaipur and runner up was Mukesh Joshi from Subodh Institute of Management & Career Studies, Jaipur. It was taken over by the event named “BULLS N BEARS”. In this event, the participants were required to analytically utilize their brain cells and win the game. The event posed exciting challenges which included formation of an appropriate portfolio and virtual share trading. The winners were M.D. Shamim Anjum and Parashram Mali from Mewar University, Chittorgarh and the runners up were Aman Natani and Abhishek Goyal from DMS-MNIT, Jaipur.

BRAND EX was another event which was a Brand expansion simulation activity. Participants had to identify & suggest a new unrelated product category which the given company should venture into. It was an event to test the Business Acumen and Analytical Approach of the participating teams. BRAND EX was judged by Ms. Kritika Gibson, HR Manager, The Hilton and Mr. Ritesh Kumar, GM, Cocoon Hospital. The winners were Shreyans Lodha and Priya Sharma from Subodh Institute of Management & Career Studies, Jaipur and runners up were Hema Debbarma and Dipan Nath from Rajasthan Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jaipur. BRAND EX was followed by “AD GURU” (Create an Advertisement), a game of innovation and imagination, wherein the participants were expected to identify jumbled Brand name, create an advertisement with a distinct punch line and enact it within the stipulated time. Further, the participants were also given an abstract product, which they had to promote through live advertisement or any other innovative idea. The event was judged by Mr. Surendra Kumar Sharma, Marketing Manager, Confed, Ms. Priyanka Joshi, Administrator, Nayan Joshi & Associates and Mr. Rajesh Meena, AM, SEBI. The winners were Nirbhay Kumar Rao, Diksha Chauhan and Aslam Khan from SKIT, Jaipur and runners up were Priyanka Goyal, Sumit Pal Singh Jadon and Rakhi Khandelwal from Subodh Institute of Management & Career Studies, Jaipur.

“THE CZAR OF MOSAIC’’ was conducted at three levels. The short listed participants after the first round held on 16TH March (first day) were evaluated on the talent exhibited and walking the ramp, in the second round on the second day. The culmination round of “CZAR OF MOSAIC” was a combination of an in depth interview and personality assessment by the judges Mr. Paresh Gupta, Founder & CEO, My Career Architects and Ms. Shipra Bhutani, Proprietor, Quantam Career. The winner of this event was Tapasya Patel from Biyani Girls College, Jaipur.
The day successfully ended with the most exciting event “HOT STEPPER”. It was an event which exhibited a fusion of diverse classical, semi classical, western and folk dances. The startling, magnificent and dazzling foot tapping acts were judged by Ms. Roopam Bindal, HR Manager, Jhandewalas Food Pvt. Ltd. and Mr. Vivek Bhardwaj, Director, Salt Academy. The winners of this event were Gunjan Jain, Raj Shekhawat, Kanchan Najwani and Lalit Mukhija from Modern Institute of Technology & Research Centre, Alwar and runner up was Surbhi Soni from Maharishi Arvind Institute of Science and Management, Jaipur.

The last day of the fest started with the activity “STRINGS UNPLUGGED”. It was a singing competition, which provided a platform to the participants to exhibit their melodious disposition. The captivating performances were judged by Ms. Shuchi Chaturvedi, Proprietor, Shuchi VC, Mr. Anuj Dasod, Senior Analyst, Deutsche Bank, Ms. Sonia Patni, Proprietor, Get Gorgeous and Mr. Dinesh Gupta, President and CEO, Sekhawati. The winner of this event was Neha Mathur from Biyani Girls College, Jaipur and the runner up was Vinay Tanwar from Subodh Institute of Management & Career Studies, Jaipur.
The valedictory ceremony “PINNACLE” was the celebration of joy, hard work, creativity and innovation. The students of the host institute knitted the closing ceremony with stunning performances which included scintillating contemporary, western, bollywood dance forms and traditional semi classical as well as Punjabi folk numbers. The electronic presentation on glimpses of ‘MOSAIC-2015’ appended fragrance in the closing ceremony and had a lasting impact on all present.

The chief guest of the valedictory ceremony was Mr. Satyen Modi, Senior Vice President, Circle Head, HDFC Bank, Rajasthan. He felicitated the winners with trophies as well as certificates and congratulated them for their fervent participation. He praised the participants and organizers for the success of MOSAIC-2015. Subodh Institute of Management & Career Studies, Jaipur was announced as the overall winner of MOSAIC 2015 and they were awarded with the “Rolling Trophy”.

Participation of management students from different parts of the country made MOSAIC 2015, a grand success.

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