Guest lecture on ‘Entrepreneurial mindset’ by Prof. Arya Kumar

Professor Arya Kumar, Director, Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management (LBSIM) Delhi delivered a lecture on the topic – ‘Entrepreneurial mindset’ on January 19 2015. He discussed about the opportunities and challenges that every aspiring entrepreneur should look for by quoting several examples of renowned personalities like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Aamir Khan and Kishore Biyani.

He told that Entrepreneurship does not have bars to think. To be an entrepreneur one needs to dream big and achieve it. He opined that every idea can be converted in favourable opportunity if there is good business model in place. He shared that an entrepreneur ought to have different conviction. An entrepreneur visualizes something which others are not able to see. They see opportunity in adversity and believe in coordinated efforts.

He highlighted the importance of cash flow in business and opined that an entrepreneur should invest in such ventures for which customers are ready to pay in advance. He also talked about the role of taking risk in business and suggested that a calculated risk is more desirable.

Prof. Kumar said that in India there is no dearth of opportunities.  He motivated the students to dream big, visualize it and to realize it. He told them that corporate houses are in need of people with an entrepreneurial bead of thought and hence they should develop interest in entrepreneurial studies and processes and cultivate entrepreneurial mindset.  

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