India’s Engagement with France and OECD- Organisation of Economic and Corporation Development

IIIM organized a practicum on November 15, 2014, with Ms. Manju Seth, Ex Ambassador of India to Madagascar and was concurrently accredited as the Ambassador of India to the Union of Comoros, with residence in Antananarivo. Ms. Seth briefed the students about the relations of India with France and also informed them about the upcoming collaborations, and programmes like Namaste India, Bonjour India, etc.

She also spoke about the similarities between French and Indian people and said that their relation is based on shared values of democracy. She quoted various examples to explain the economic relationship between India and France and the upward progress in current export figures as well as investments.

She also talked about OECD, an international economic organisation of 34 countries founded in 1961 to stimulate economic progress and world trade. She described it as a forum of countries committed to democracy and market economy, providing a platform to compare policy experiences, seeking answers to common problems, identifying good practices and coordinating domestic and international policies of its members.


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