Workshop on ‘Startups’

E-Igniters, the Entrepreneurship Cell of IIIM on 7th November 2017 invited three young entrepreneurs to conduct a workshop on ‘Startups’ with the objective of broadening the perspectives of students on entrepreneurship.

They shared their stirring entrepreneurial journeys with the students. The speakers were Mr.Sahil Agrawal, co-founder of Hippo Cabs, Miss Sonal Agrawal, Head of Robin Hood Army Jaipur and Miss Parul Joshi, campaign manager of Josh Talks.

Mr. Agarwal, shared his entrepreneurial journey, stating how his personal experience of poor intercity transport led to this idea as solution to the problem. He shared that after speaking to several people, he realized that his predicament was a common one, as people were hesitant to opt for a cab because of the cost, that’s when he decided to start HippoCabs after creating a team in 2015. For HippoCabs he is taking care of Marketing, Growth, strategy, business development and product development. He also told not to give up with the downfalls that one sees during entrepreneurship rather one should collect his/her courage to take it more positively. He told that before starting HippoCabs, he also worked on various ventures of his own in US and Germany and has got very diverse experience.

Another speaker Miss Sonal Agrawal was the head of Jaipur’s Robin Hood Army, a Volunteer based organization that works to provide surplus food from restaurants to the less fortunate sections of Jaipur. As the head of Jaipur's Robinhood Army, Ms. Agrawal with her positive demeanor and composed nature described the pathetic conditions of people living in slums and how this hunger a predator, is taking away the lives of innocent children and what one can contribute to make their lives better. She advised the audience to never give money out of pity to beggars as out of illiteracy, they may use money for unscrupulous activities instead one can give them food to eat.

Another speaker, Ms Parul Singh the campaign manager of Josh talks, talked about how easy it is to market entrepreneurial ideas in today's world through social media platforms such as Instagram and facebook. She discussed about Facebook business page where one can display their business idea. She also motivated students by giving various examples such as Uber and discussed how their simple idea made them the biggest players. Students also inquired from speakers about problems regarding funding in areas like Event management, Gaming business, Gems & Jewellery.