Faculty Development Programme on ‘Mind Management and Successful life

IIIM organized Faculty Development Programme on ‘Mind Management and Successful life’on July 12, 2017. BrahmchariAnishChaitanya, North – India Head, ChinmayaYuva Kendra was the resource person. He initiated the talk with an introduction to the nuances of the mind and how it behaves in different circumstances and discussed how mind, body and spirit are interrelated. He highlighted finer aspects of mind management and how to have a healthy and sound thought process. He told that effective implementation of mind management techniques enables one to strike a balance between career, family and personal life.
The speaker said that the mind deals with flow of thoughts and generally gets clouded, therefore it is imperative for every person to decide what to retain, and what to reject? He threw light on right and left brain characteristics and shared that coordination between both is very crucial. He told that professionals need to know how to develop a high level of mental fitness and extraordinary psychological health. In addition, he apprised the participants with the need to learn how to accelerate learning, deepen understanding and effectively resolve stress.
He encouraged the faculty to introspect ‘one’s self’ to enhance personal and professional productivity at individual, group and organizational levels.