International Yoga Day

IIIM celebrated International Yoga Day on June21, 2017. A talk was organized on the topic ‘Health Benefits of Yoga Vidya’. The resource person was Dr. B.S Shekhawat. He is an eminent personality from the field of Yoga and Naturopathy, he has been teaching Yoga for several years and is passionate to contribute to the field.

In a very lucid manner he told that Yoga aims at building conscious union of the Self (Ātmā) with Paramātmā. The aim and purpose of life is in the ongoing development and enlightenment of the consciousness which achieves its ultimate expression in the conscious unification of the two.
He told that Yoga enriches lives with positivity, prosperity leading to ultimate happiness. He said Yoga raises consciousness in a person to understand the right way of doing things and builds a cohesive approach towards life. He also told that Yoga enables people to learn time management, business management and life management.

He elaborated that Yoga is not just confined to ‘Asana’ but it is an amalgamation of ‘Veda’, ‘Dharm’. He enunciated that ‘Yoga is a Darshan’. He also discussed the Yoga in Geeta and its various implications.

He shared that it is a proud moment for every Indian as International Yoga Day is celebrated in 190 countries under the leadership of India. He emphasized that one should include Yoga and meditation in their life and should practice it daily.
During interactive session he demonstrated few techniques of practicing Yoga and motivated participants to learn and practice Yoga. He also handled queries of the participants.