Communication skills workshop

IIIM on October 4, organized a communication workshop for MBA students to help them overcome the barriers obstructing the flow of effective communication. Mr. Sandeep Menghani, Director, Yashaswi Bhava – a Training and Management Solution firm, was the resource person. He is an entrepreneur, a psychotherapist and a trainer and has held many good positions like vice-president of various firms of repute such as ICICI Bank etc.

Mr Menghani divided his session in four modules focusing upon ‘Confidence Building & Body Language’, ‘English Communication & Public Speaking’, ‘Relationship – Emotional Quotient’ and ‘Goal Setting’.

He talked about the different approaches boosting self-confidence, self-image and advised students to take criticism positively. He said that in order to accomplish anything in life, it is important to create its mental image first, so for that he made students to do visualization for their ideal success in life. To enable students to fight with stage fear, he called students randomly to perform on stage. 

Mr. Sandeep focussed on effective English speaking with correct pronunciation, for that he advised students to make a habit of reading English newspapers and other interesting literature. He shared with the students the significance of effective public speaking, he emphasized that with a little practice, students will be able to manage their fear.

He also shared his views on ‘Relationship’ with special reference to Emotional Quotient (EQ) and expressed that in today’s world understanding of EQ is very important to succeed professionally and personally. He then talked about ‘Goal setting’ and said that a sense of direction is what allows mind to focus on a target and rather than waste energy shooting aimlessly, allows hitting the target and reaching desired goal.

He made his session interesting by incorporating some interesting activities.