Montage 2016

The 12th Annual Inter Institute IT fest Montage 2016 commenced on 20th October, 2016 with enthralling enthusiasm. The inaugural ceremony “UDGHOSH” commenced with Saraswati Vandana, followed by lamp lighting. Dr. Ashok Gupta, Director IIIM welcomed all guests and participants emphasizing that fests like Montage provide an opportunity for overall development of students. He motivated students to participate in social, educational and creative events to realize their full potential.

Montage 2016 was dedicated to Mr. Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft; The inaugural ceremony was then followed with the presentation on Mr. Satya Nadella, which showcased the life, achievements and contribution of Mr. Nadella to the techno world.

Montage 2016 witnessed a participation of around 175 students from 15 technical institutes offering MCA program.

Udghosh was followed by the event “BRAIN-BENCH-THE QUIZ”. It triggered the young technocrats with the innovative approach to quizzing. It tested the participant’s awareness about technology and computer applications. Mr. Mahaveer Swami and Mr. Jitender Saran from University Centre for Comp. Sci. & I.T., UOR won the first position and Mr. Manish Gaur and Ms. Ekta Samat from Acharya Shri Nanesh Samta Mahavidyalaya (ASNSM), Chittaurgarh were the runners-up of the event.

 Stimulating event “CROSS-ROADS” was designed to test the word power of IT wizards.  Ms. Richa Jain from University Centre for Comp. Sci. & I.T., UOR grabbed the first position and Ms. Priyanka Kanwar from University Centre for Comp. Sci. & I.T., UOR stood second.

A role playing event “AAMNE-SAMNE” in which each participant had to imitate a celebrity and was interviewed by mock press reporters.  Ms. Aanjul Sharma from Apex Institute of Management & Science, Jaipur got the first position and Ms. Kriti Sharma from University Centre for Comp. Sci. & I.T., UOR was the runner-up.

“CROSS ROADS” was succeeded by “BITS & BYTES”, an innovative event designed to provide a platform for the upcoming programmers to show their calibre to the techno savy world. The young technocrats were judged by Mr. Gaurav Bohra, Technical Lead, Metacube Software Ltd. and Mr. Deepak Sharma, Project Manager, IntimeTech VisionSoft Pvt. Ltd.. Mr. Akshay Gupta and Mr. Somendra Shah from Shree Karni College bagged the first prize and, Ms. Nishita Khandal, Mr. Bhuvnesh Mathur and Mr. Aditya Ladiwal, from S. S. Jain Subodh PG College, Jaipur bagged the second prize.

Website development competition “WEB VISION” tested the creativity and web designing skills of the partakers. The winners of this event were Mr. Sameer Nainawat and Ms. Priya Soni from University Centre for Comp. Sci. & I.T., UOR, Jaipur and runners up were Mr. Nitin Bagoriya and Mr. Harsh Rajput from Jaipur National University, Jaipur. The event was judged by Mr. Gourav Gupta, Consultant, Appirio and Mr. Snehraj Lakhotia, Software Engineer, A3Logics.

The CD painting competition “SPLASH” based on the theme ‘Desi Diaries’ was judged by Mr. Shalendra Trivedi, Regional Head, NITCO Ltd. and Mr. Pradeep Trehan, Senior Executive, Sony India Pvt. Ltd.. Mr. Sunil Kumar from University Centre for Comp. Sc. and IT, UOR secured first and Ms. Chetna Baregama from Acharya Shri Nanesh Samta Mahavidyalaya secured the second position.

The day successfully ended with the most sizzling event of Montage 2016 “TAAL”. The antakshari based event is conceived to be a pulsating and vibrating mix of lilting songs and throbbing beats. The winners out of captivating performances were Ms. Richa Jain and Ms. Kriti Sharma from University Centre for Comp. Sci. & IT, UOR and the runners up were Mr. Durgesh Parashar and Mr. Rajnikant Verma from Shri Karni College, Jaipur

Day 2

The second day of Montage embarked with “DRISHTI”, an event having an array of activities like Dumb Charades, Memory Tests, Pictionary etc. to tantalize participants’ brain and judge their perception.  Ms. Annu Choudhary and Ms. Sangita Chopra from Shree Karni College won the first place, whereas Ms. Manisha Ramani and Mr. Sameer Nainawat from University Centre for Comp. Sci. & I.T., UOR, Jaipur occupied second position.

An enthralling rangoli making event “SPECTRUM” was conducted to express the spirit of life through a prismatic splash of colors. Spectrum was judged by Ms. Shruti Mishra, Creative Director, APASH and Mr. Shwet Goyal, Associate Prof., The IIS University. Ms. Kirti Sharma and Ms. Richa Jain from University Centre for Comp. Sci. & I.T., UOR, emerged as the winner and Ms. Amisha Audichya and Ms. Meghna Sarva from Maharshi Arvind Institute of Science & Management, Jaipur were the runners-up in this competition.

“SPECTRUM” was followed by “OOH-LA-LA”. The event adapted the popular game “Snakes and Ladders” to test the general awareness and knowledge of the participants. The winner of this competition was Mr. Sunil Kumar from University Centre for Comp. Sci. & I.T., UOR and the runner-up was Ms. Payal Shivdasani from Biyani Group of Colleges, Jaipur.

“D4U”, the choreography competition was full of joy and passion. This is especially designed to bring out the future choreographers and dancers from IT world. Various enthralling performances were put on show by participants. The startling, magnificent and dazzling foot tapping acts were judged  Mr. Saurabh Awasthi, Manager, Rythem Art Dance Academy and Mr. Mayur Luhadia, Manager, Religare. Ms. Payal Shivdasani  and Ms. Sakshi Tanwar from Biyani Group of Colleges college  were adjudged as winners while Ms. Annu Choudhary, Ms. Kajal Shekhawat and Ms. Sangita Chopra from Shree Karni College won the second prize in the event.

In “Thru-Ur-Eyes”, the theme based photography event, ideas, moods and expressions were captured through the digital images on the themes ‘isolated objects’ , ‘Meta Photos’ and ‘Reflection’. This event got an overwhelming response from the participants. The event was judged by Mr. Chintu Pathak, Director, Chintu Pathak Photography. Ms. Priyanka Kulshrestha from Shree Karni College stood first and Mr. Anuj Upadhyay from S. S. Jain Subodh PG College stood second in the competition.

“PIXElS” is the event conceptualized to test the participants’ ability to bring incongruous bits together to make a meaningful whole. Participants made diverse collage using systems on the given theme ‘India: Past, Present and Future’. Participants were required to make their collage with the pictures given to them. It was judged by Mr. Lokesh Yadav, Project Manager, Infosys and Mr. Sanju Sachdeva, Co-Founder, Academic and Creative Director, The Santa Kidz. The team of Mr. Sameer Nainawat and Mr. Sunil Kumar from University Centre for Comp. Sci. & I.T., UOR and Mr. Kirti Sharma and Ms. Priya Kumawat from University Centre for Comp. Sci. & I.T., UOR bagged the winner and runners-up positions respectively.

“CODE-ACUMEN” was to deem the programming and problem solving ability of the contestants. The event was a perfect combination of encoding and debugging for the technical minds to assess their programming skills. Mr. Rakesh Kumar Soni and Mr. Anvesh Kumar Jain from University Centre for Comp. Sci. & I.T., UOR won the first prize while Mr. Deepak Sahu and Mr. Vikram Chhipa from Apex Institute of Management & Science stood second.

The valedictory ceremony “Euphony” was the celebration of ecstasy, inspiration and innovation. The students of the host institute knitted the closing ceremony with stunning performances which included scintillating contemporary, western, classical, bollywood dance forms. The digital presentation on glimpses of ‘MONTAGE-2016’ appended fragrance in the closing ceremony and had a lasting impact on all present and grabbed a standing ovation from the audience. 

The chief guest of the valedictory ceremony was Ms. Nidhi G Agarwal, Advisor, KPMG. She felicitated the winners with trophies as well as certificates and congratulated them for their ardent participation. She praised the participants and organizers for the success of MONTAGE-2016. University Centre for Computer Science & I.T., University of Rajasthan, Jaipur was announced as the overall winner of MONTAGE 2016 and they were awarded the “Rolling Trophy”.