Youth have to play a catalytic role in accelerating the process of national development. Their boundless energy and innate idealism could introduce into the various development activities a direction which could bring about the social transformation needed to make it suitable for their own future. Involvement of youth is particularly relevant in the direction of building up an egalitarian society, emphasising not only economic and technological development but also improvements in the quality of life of the common man. The bias, therefore, has been towards improvement of the lot of the weaker sections of society. In organising opportunities to enable youth to make their many-sided contribution to national development, it must not be forgotten that this involvement is essentially a process of completion of their education.

The National Service Scheme was launched in 1969. It aims at the involvement mainly of under-graduate students on a voluntary basis in various activities of social service and national development, which, while making a contribution to socio-economic progress would also provided opportunities to the students to understand and appreciate the problems of the community, awaken social consciousness and inculcate in them a sense of dignity of labour. There has been a great deal of enthusiasm among the students in the various programmes taken up under the scheme. At the same time, there has been a demand from several quarters that opportunities should be provided to the youth going out of the universities and colleges to engage themselves on a whole time basis for a specific period in activities of social and national service. Some attempts in this direction have been made in some States during the last few years.

ICG has two full fledged National Service Scheme (NSS) units. It is a voluntary organization open to students of all faculties. The concept behind NSS is to orient the youth to community service and arouse their social conscience; the motto being, “Not me but you”. The main aim of this scheme is service through education and personality development through service. The NSS develops social ethics; besides inculcating several human values like sincerity, honesty, discipline and compassion etc.

International College for Girls has been actively participating in activities related to various service schemes.National Service Scheme units of the college function with the objective to develop the personality of students through community service and to bridge the gulf between the educated and the uneducated masses. The two NSS units are actively involved in the field of community service through a number of programmes like lectures, film shows, workshops as well as field activities in the sphere of population awareness, literacy, communal harmony, afforestation and environment issues, human rights and personality development of the volunteers.



National Service Scheme (NSS) aims at arousing social consciousness of the youth with an overall objective of personality development of the students through community service.



"Not me, but you"



Two years



• Special camping ( 10 days )
• Regular activities ( community work ); 120 hours in a year



• Tree Plantation
• Constructive work in adopted villages and slums
• Blood donation
• Adult and non-formal education
• Health, nutrition, family welfare, AIDS awareness campaigns


Present Thrust Areas

A Camp of 10 day duration is conducted every year on a specific theme.


Composition of NSS Unit

One NSS unit consists of 100 student volunteers led by a teacher Incharge called "NSS Programme Officer"

The two units are led by

Unit I -Dr. Sharad Rathore
Unit II -Dr. Suprithy Paliwal


Programmes Hosted by International College for Girls

Yuva Chintan Shivir

State Level Award Function

State Level Blood Donation Camp inaugurated by Smt. Vasundhara Raje (Chief Minister –Rajasthan) and Mr. Yunus Khan (Minister for Youth Affairs)



Best College (2002-2003)
Best Programme Officer –Dr.Sharad Rathore(2002-2003)
Best Volunteer (2002-2003)





11th July
Slogan Competition and Book exhibition on Population Day
27th July
Mehandi competition
29th July
Orientation Programme
4th August
Lecture on importance of Breast Feeding
Dr.Devnanda Choudhry
12th August
Tree Plantation
Guild Activity
Lecture on Art of Living
14th August
Lecture by Director of Disha
Ms. Deepak Kalra
23rd August
Participation in anti foeticide rally.
25th August
Haemoglobin count and blood group test
28th August-31st August
Haemoglobin count and blood group test
A lecture on awarness for animal welfare.
Lecture by R.A.W. Members
Nukkad Natak on World Literacy Day
Fire station demonstration
Inter College Patriotic Song Competition
Raw Activity
10th October
Guild activity
14th October
Lecture on nutritive food on the occasion of World Food Day
Ms. Kaumud Joshi
16th October
Guild Activity Puppet Show for School children on the occasion of Children’s Day
Basti Visit
National Unity Day
Inauguration of Special Camp
9th December
Lecture on Human Rights
Dr. Sanjeev Bhanawat
26th January
Republic Day Celebrations