Guest Lectures


A Guest Lecture on “Research Planning and Presentation” was organized by the Department of Home Science on the 7th of March 2007. Dr. Maya Choudhary, a senior lady nutritionist, was the Resource person. She acquainted the students with the intricacies
of research planning in the field of foods and nutrition. This was an interactive session and the beneficiaries included all the students from the Department of Home Science.
Dr. Maya Choudhary is one of the rare lady nutritionist in India. A discussion on the framing of curriculum was also held so as to
benefit from her expertise.

The Department of Chemistry organized a guest lecture by Prof. Keith Smith, Head, Department of Chemistry, University of Wales Swansea and Director of Green Chemistry, on the 18th of December, 2006. The topic of the lecture was, ‘Application of Organic Chemicals and Medical Diagnosis.’ The lecture dealt at length with the principles of clean chemistry, need for clean chemistry, bromination of toluene- a clean approach by using zeolite and chemi luminescence.

An interactive session on Communicative Skills, Public Speaking and Theatre Craft was held on Dec 19, 2006. The speaker, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, who is a Consultant with Opus Media and Entertainment, Jaipur, gave a refreshing insight into the areas of public speaking and the ever-growing importance of soft-skills (i.e. oral communication). He laid down the ground rules for effective speaking and asserted that all communicative activities need to be looked at as para-curricular in nature. He finally wrapped up the talk by answering questions and clarifying doubts. All in all, it was a fun, interactive session, full of practical inputs, and was much enjoyed by the students.

Prof. Pahup Singh of the Department of Chemistry, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur delivered a series of lectures on NMR Spectroscopy at ICG.
The lectures were held on the 20th, 25th and 27th of November 2006 and proved especially beneficial to the students of chemistry.

Prof. Ashok  Kumar introduced the students to stem cells and it’s applications.  Stem cell which can be obtained from 5 days old embryo can give rise to any cell or organ of the body.
Major applications of Stem cells are in the following areas:

Limb amputation, Neurological disorders, Spinal cord injury, Heart damage, Burns, Diabetes etc.

He also explained the technique of Stem cell culture along with it’s limitations
At the end he discussed ethical issues regarding the culture of Stem cells and also suggested the alternatives for the same.
The P.G. Students of M.Sc. (Biotechnology) , B.Sc.(IMB) part –II and faculty members of Biotechnology attended the lecture.

Prof. Ashok Kumar explained that  Apoptosis is a genetically programmed , energy dependent mechanism and brought about by a cascade that starts from cell injury or cell death. It helps in elimination of cells that are not required by the body . It is used in the following natural process:
            Disappearance of Tadapole tail during metamorphogenesis.
            Elimination of web between the digits of a developing foetus.
            Synapse formation between Muscle and Nerve cell.
            Removal of self antigen to prevent Autoimmune disease.
            Sloughing off endometrium during menstrual cycle etc.

Prof. Kumar also explained the positive and negative regulation of apoptosis in relation to cell function.
The P.G. Students of M.Sc. (Biotechnology)  and faculty members of Biotechnology attended the lecture.


Ms. Meenakshi Singh (Head of Department – Fashion Designing) from the Pearl Academy of Fashion delivered a guest lecture and power point presentation on Fundamentals of Fashion, the Fashion Industry, Fashion forecasting and Elements of Fashion on the 13th of November, 2006 at the invitation of the GPEM department of the college. She also guided the students about freelancing and future career prospects in the Fashion Industry.

At the invitation of the International College for Girls, Jaipur, Dr V.K.Bhalla, former Dean and Director of the Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi University delivered a lecture series here on the 8th and 9th of September, 2006. He addressed the topics of International Business and Finance.
Comparing the world to an electronic village he laid stress on the importance of Global Finance and stressed on the fact that to be a successful professional one must always be a ready learner.

Department of Biotechnology organized a guest lecture by Prof. Ravi Saraf on 14th July, 2006. Prof. Ravi. Saraf is a renowned scientist in the field of nanotechnology in the department of chemical engineering, University of Nebraska, Lincoln USA. He spoke on Nanotechnology and discussed that after the Silicon Technology now this is an age of Nanotechnology. He also discussed a various advantage of this upcoming field. Students of M.Sc, B.Sc  and Staff members  from Department of Biotechnology, Zoology, Food and Nutrition also attended the lecture.

The Department of GPEM, FD and Textile Craft organized a lecture on the basic parameters of Export Management and the Mental aptitude of an exporter since the dismantling of  Quotas in 2005. Mr. Vivek Khandelwal, Director, Pattern India enlightened the students about these issues.

At the invitation of the Department of Psychology, ICG and the National Service Scheme, college unit, ICG, Ms. Deepak Kalra, the director of UMANG –a school for Special children delivered a lecture to our students on “Children with Special Needs” .


The departments of English and Mass Communication and Journalism organised a lecture on the scope of literary  english and it's market values in terms of job prospects. Ms. Mita Kapur, columnist with The Hindu and budding writer delivered the talk.


The Deptt. of Fine Arts organised a lecture on 'Aesthetics and Inter- relationship of  Fine Arts' on 28 and 29 Nov. 2005 and on 'Indian Contemporary Art, on 30 Nov. & 1 Dec. 2005 by Ms. Susmita Das Pal, Research Scholar, National Museum, New Delhi.

Prof. B.H. Subbaraya, Emiritus Scientists ISRO Headquaters, Banglore enlightened the students of the Deptt. of Chemistry on 29 September 2005.

The Deptt. of Chemistry organised an informative lecture by Prof. Shaym Lal, NPL, Ahmedabad on 27 September 2005.

The Deptt. of Botany organised an informative lecture by Mr. Satish Sharma, Manager, Foundation for Ecological Security, Gujarat on 26 September 2005.


On the occasion of World Peace Day, the NSS Unit I and II of ICG organised a lecture by Ms. Alka Tej Singh, Instructor, Art of Living,  on 15 September 2005.

IIS Centre for Information Technology organised an enlightening lecture on ' Personality Development, by Dr. Satish Batra, Retd. Associate Professor on 8 September 2005.

The NSS Unit I and II of ICG organised a lecture by Mr. Ashok Kewaliya, Asstt. Programme Advisor, NSS Jaipur on 6 September 2005.

The Deptt. of Biotechnology organised an informative lecture by Dr.Krishna Mohan,  Scientist, Birla Institute of Scientific Reserch, Jaipur on 25 August 2005.

An Academic Enrichment programme was organised by Dr. Suveen Agarwal, Associate Professor ICG on 23 August 2005.

The NSS Unit I and II of ICG organised a lecture by Mr. M.K. Arora, Secretary, India Red Cross Society, Jaipur on 9 August 2005.


The Deptt. of Visual Arts organised a Seminar on 'The Role of Animation in the Present Scenario' on 5 August 2005. Mr. Vikas Tiwari, GM, Maya Institute, Mumbai, Mr. Michael Laxman, Senior Animator, Maya Institute, Mumbai and Mr. Suresh Kabara, Director, MAAC, Jaipur, Mr. Laksheya kabara, Center Head MAAC, Jaipur & Mr. Sudhir Sagar, Faculty MAAC, Jaipur enlightened the students aspiring to make a successful career in the field of animation.

The Deptt. of GPEM, FD and TC organised an informative lecture on 'Practical Aspects of Designing'  by Ms.Deepa Mathur,  Freelancer Designer, Jaipur on 3 August 2005.

The Deptt. of Foods and Nutrition, Home Science organised an informative lecture by Dr. Sheel Sharma, Reader, Banasthali Vidhyapeeth, Banasthali on 1 August 2005.

The NSS Unit I and II of ICG organised a two day Seminar on 'Communal Peace and Harmony' in collaboration with Manavadhikar Sandarbh Kendra, Jaipur on 29 & 30 July 2005. Prof. Ram Punawarya, IIT Mumbai enlightened the students.


The Deptt. of Journalism and Mass Communication in collaboration with Rajasthan Patrika organised an informative lecture by Dr. Sanjeev Bhanawat, HOD, Deptt. of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur and a Representative from Patrika under the 'Patrika in Education' series on 26 July 2005.