The Play House observed a week long workshop on Table manners and general etiquettes. The students were made aware of Personal Hygiene, Etiquettes, Mannerisms and doing their routine work properly at home.

Little Munching, Little learning... looks as if its very easy to handle

Table Manners: During this activity the students learnt the use of fork ,knife, spoon, napkin and aprons while having their meals. Major emphasis was given on proper holding of knife and fork and also on maintaining proper discipline while eating.

Let me be your host today

Laying the Table: Laying the dining table looks a difficult task. Even elders get confused while placing the plates and the dishes on the table but our students learnt all this by doing it practically.

Its time for a nap and I'll make my own bed

Making your own Bed: A good sleep that is what we  need after working for the whole day . A nicely made bed makes it more comfortable to sleep and dream . Our wonder kids are no less than the "Mummy dear ".They know how to make their own bed. Now who wants to wait ? They are ready to take a nap.


I can be a good guest too

Let it be Papa, Mom or Aunty... I just want to say hello...

General etiquettes and Phone etiquettes: Being a good host , attending guests , greeting elders ,use of sorry and thank you , maintaining discipline while visiting neighborhood or friends and relatives and talking softly on phone were some of the basic learning points of this activity . Demonstration by a small skit by the teachers made it all fun.


Sonu and Pinky, Our teachers for personal hygiene

I am the story teller


Puppet Show: Personal hygiene is a very sensitive topic, it is very difficult to generate an understanding in the students aged 4 to 5 about cleanliness of their surroundings and their personal being. But, a small story narrated by our own hand made puppets made it very clear to all of them. They were taught the need of taking bath, brushing their teeth, cutting nails and wearing clean clothes every day .


Now we don't have to wait anymore...


 ...We know how to prepare SNACKS


Do you want to taste it ?

Making Snacks: The whole idea behind the workshop was to make the students little bit independent in their day to day work. Preparing snacks was one such activity which was very much enjoyed by the students . They tried their hands on Bhel Puri, Sandwiches and Starters etc. and believe us Boys were no less than the Girls in the competition. 


 So, this week we are  happy and   healthy children