A lecture on “H1n1-Swine Flu” was organized by NSS Unit of the college on 29th August, 2009. The Guest Speaker was, Dr. Pankaj Anand, consultant, Emergency Medicine and Critical Case, Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur. 

He imparted information about Swine Flu- its global scenario, its recognition, investigation, prevention and finally the treatment of this disease.  

He discussed the case fertility rate of the disease which is 0.6%, less than that of the ordinary flu, which is 3.4%. He also raised concern regarding the quick spread of the disease during this season and discussed in detail, the preventive measures to be undertaken to combat the spread of the disease. Finally, the  queries of the volunteers regarding the home based remedies of preventing the occurrence of flu etc. were taken up by him. Over all, the entire lecture was informative and seemed to be the need of the hour.