NSS Units on 5th September, 2009 was in the Dadabari Basti, Sanganer




The activity undertaken by the NSS Units on 5th September, 2009 was in the   Dadabari Basti, Sanganer. The purpose of the activity was to  enroll women, adolescents and adults in the Basti for the programmes to be undertaken by the NSS Unit throughout the year, which  include:- 

  1. Literacy programme
  2. Vocational training
  3. Creative skill development
  4. Awareness and Dramatics
  5. Information regarding Health,Hygiene and sanitation.

The people of Basti seemed to be very enthusiastic about the programmes. More than 50 enrolments were made for the literacy, vocational training and creative skill development programme. 

The NSS Unit plans to begin with the extensive learning programme in the particular field which would enhance the living standards of the people in basti. The vocational training programme shall begin on 9th September, 2009 for15  days. This  training programme for the women of the basti shall focus on Skill development- candle  making, which would enable them to sustain themselves financially. 

On this occasion awareness on Swine Flu was taken up and pamphlets related to symptoms and precautions of Swine Flue were distributed to the Basti Dwellers. The students also conveyed the message through a Nukkad Natak staged in the Basti. Biscuits were also distributed to all the children of the Basti.